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Our goal is to track and analyze all the content that falls in the realm of paid content marketing and native advertising. We are constantly and rapidly growing our reach. Our current stats are as follows.

20 Ad Networks
6,161,995 Ads
59,296 Advertisers
15 Countries

Last Updated On: Aug 16, 2017


We have designed and developed an awesome product. Just take a look at some of the features.

Powerful Elasticsearch

Searching through millions of records without a powerful searching algorithm is worthless. We have employed industry leading elasticsearch engine to enable most accurate and relevant searching capabilities including full-text, phonetic and synonym searching.

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Snapshot Capture

Our crawlers capture a high resolution screenshot of every visited page of the advertiser thereby giving our users unique opportunity to view the data even when it may no longer be availble due to dynamic and ever-changing nature of the world wide web.

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Unparalleled Filtering Support

Slice and dice data the way you want by using our powerful filters on a singular basis or combining them in series.

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Unique Categorization

Every advertiser's website is classified using a machine learning algorithm for easier search across a given market vertical.

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Third Party Data Integration

We integrate our proprietary data with third parties such as Alexa and SimilarWeb to give our users a comprehensive view of the current reach of any given advertiser.

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Unrivaled Statistical Data and Reporting

We give you data insights that no other platform can. Our crawlers scan the thousands of sites multiple times a day to yield most accurate statistical accuracy compared to our competition. Our geo partitioning algorithm takes into account traffic patterns in that particular location to provide extremely accurate data for each country.

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Advanced Searching with Boolean Logic

Sometimes simple keyword searching and filtering does not produce required results. We offer you an intuitive graphical way to build search queries that has the power of boolean logic. With access multiple boolean operators and power of nesting, you will be able to get the results you want - the way you want.

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Full Text Image Search

We are the first in the industry to tag millions of images in our database using deep machine learning. You can now search killer images for your next campaign using keywords! As if this was not enough, we have integrated reverse image search from Bing, Google and TinEye so that you can find even more images.

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Affiliate Network Filter and Offer Wall

If you are an affiliate, you will love this feature. Our affiliate network filter can show campaigns from specific networks. Not sure which offers to promote? Our affiliate offer wall will help you to identify the right offer.

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Unlimited Alerts

Keep a close eye on your competition by defining a filter based on your criteria. Whenever any new ads matching your criteria are detected, we alert you via an e-mail.

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Private Discussion Forum

Ask questions on our private forum or chat with other members.

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Use Cases

Is this the product for you? Our clientbase can be classified into one of these categories. If you don't fit into any of these categories, please feel free to contact us and find out if we can be of any service to you.

Brand Advertisers

Is your brand utilizing native advertising effectively? Learn how big brands from Dell to Dunkin Donut have embraced native advertising. Utilize techniques used by viral content creators to generate awesome campaigns.

Content Creators

Are you a content creator looking for more traffic? Amplify your content while making profit through ad arbitrage. Receive unlimited ideas for generating new content.

Direct Sales Marketers

Learn the techniques employed by direct sales B2B and B2C marketers utilizing content based marketing strategy to elevate their revenue.

Affliliate Marketers

The best ROI on beauty, health and lifestyle CPA products that seek an immediate response from potential consumers is through native advertising. Affiliates, worldwide, are already using native adverstising to generate massive traffic and sales. Learn their secrets.

"More networks, more data, and more features at the lowest price compared to all other ad intelligence platforms in the market. I know this because I've looked at them all. Anstrex has become an invaluable tool.“
Marco BiancoCo-Founder, OrionClick
"Keeping an eye on your competition is so easy and intuitive with this tool! A must-have for media buyers in the native advertising space. "
Tara StephensonDirector of Marketing, EvansHardy+Young
"The Anstrex Platform Gave Fluent A Competitive Edge In Order to Facilitate Stronger Buys In The Native Advertising Landscape. Anstrex Allowed Fluent To Have The Visibility Needed In the Opaque World That Native Lives In. Without This Visibility Tool, Fluent’s ROI Would Not Have Been As Strong As It Is."
Edward RegalbutoSenior Media Buyer, FluentCo


We are lightyears ahead of our competition. There are so many killer features that it is difficult to document everything. Our pricing is unheard of. There is not a single product in the market that offers so many features at this pricing. Here is a small glimpse of where we stand against our competition. 

Number of Ad Networks2010137
Number of Ads in Database5 million+4 million+3 million+700k+
Number of Countries15121927
Filter By Ad Network
Filter By Country
Filter By Language
Private Discussion Forum
Filter By Affiliate Network
Affiliate Offer Wall
Filter By Category
Image Search
Adv. Boolean Search with Synonym and Stemming Support
Unlimited Alerts
Full Screenshot Capture of Advertiser Landing Page
Integration with Alexa and Similarweb
  • 2 Ad Networks
  • 1 Country
  • Private Forum Access
  • Online Support
  • Mobile Data
  • All Countries
  • Adv. Boolean Searching
  • 2 Ad Networks
  • 1 Country
  • Private Forum Access
  • Online Support
  • Mobile Data
  • All Countries
  • Adv. Boolean Searching
Best Value
  • All 20 Ad Networks
  • All 15 Countries
  • Private Forum Access
  • Online Support
  • Mobile Data
  • All Countries
  • Adv. Boolean Searching

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