Best Offers to Push for the Holidays Best Offers to Push for the Holidays


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We’re now in the middle of the holidays, and everywhere, direct advertisers and affiliates are raking in profits. If you want to have your finger in the holiday pie, now’s the time.

But since we are smack in the middle of the holidays, it would be too late to test random niches. What offers then should you choose? Here are the best ones for this time of the year:

1. Shopping and Retail

It’s that time of the year when people feel obligated to buy gifts for their friends and family. Many also feel the need to purchase something new for themselves! Take advantage of this situation by promoting physical products that are great for gifts.

Most of the online shopping portals also offer discounts for the holidays; you can use these promotions in your ad to entice more people to click and eventually, purchase.

You can find great shopping and retail offers in Share A Sale and Commission Junction.

2. Weight Loss

Food. Food. More food. This is what the holidays mean for most of us. Whether you are on a diet or just gliding by, you would surely feel guilty after the holidays after you’ve gained a few inches on your waist.

Utilize this guilt of gaining weight, or let people know there’s a way to prevent their tummies from stretching by using some weight loss products. Weight loss is one of the most lucrative niches during and after the holidays as people want to get their bodies back to normal (or even better). Think New Year’s resolutions when drafting your ads and landing pages.

Potential offers include Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, Keto supplements, and Green Coffee.

Almost all CPA networks have weight loss offers available, so they’re typically easy to find.

3. Dating

Although the holidays are altogether joyous occasions, these also inevitably make people feel lonely. This is especially true for those who are single, as well as those who are in unhappy relationships. Although they are in sad situations, you can utilize the angle of holidays plus loneliness to get more people signing up for the dating offer you are promoting.

4. Adult

If and when the people mentioned above are no longer interested in dating but are looking to get some heat in the holidays, they turn to adult offers. The best niches to look into are casual dating, hookup and adult personals.

For offers for both Adult and Dating categories, most affiliate networks also offer them. Some networks to look into are Clickdealer, Anastasia Affiliate, Crak Revenue, and The Dating Network.

During the holidays, people typically have a lot of money to shell out since they receive bonuses (year-end bonus, Christmas bonus, 13th Month Pay and more). Plus, it’s normal for individuals to not worry too much about what their expenditures are. The key to succeeding is to find the right offer and create effective Call-to-Actions. It’s not too late to start running push and native ads right now, so get yours going!

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