Dropshipping Success: The Top 3 Product Suppliers Dropshipping Success: The Top 3 Product Suppliers


Ready to start your dropshipping business? Have a look at these suppliers to get your products from!

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Over the years, dropshipping has continued to gain popularity as a result of the rise in e-commerce trends. Rather than spending a huge amount of money on gathering inventory upfront and going through the stress of dispatching to customers, online traders can now make sales without ever coming in contact with their inventory. We have the dropshipping marketing model to thank for this.

Since this method of e-commerce allows manufacturers to ship the products directly to the consumer, it’s easy to run an e-commerce store straight from home and without stress. In order to make this work, traders in the dropshipping business need to have reliable suppliers to ensure the smooth running of their business.

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After setting up your store account through platforms like Wix or Shopify, you will have to link with a dropshipping partner or supplier to get things running. Here are the three best dropshipping suppliers you could work with, including their pros, cons, and pricing plans.

Dropship Supplier #1: AliExpress

Aliexpress remains one of the most well-known dropshipping services around the globe. It is part of a Chinese online service called Alibaba, and it offers amazingly low prices on almost any product you could think of.

Aliexpress’s website also contains a lot of reviews from users, along with analytics that comes in very handy during the phase of product research. Traders who are just getting into the dropshipping business can begin with Aliexpress as it offers the perfect model for beginning the e-commerce venture.

Since you’re in control of your margins in this model of trading, it’s easy to adjust the price of your products based on total product cost (plus shipping), and the cost of ads. This means optimizing your ads is easier. It’s possible to easily get your business running while having access to millions of products and thousands of dollars.

Since Aliexpress is perfect for fulfilling orders in small quantities and acquiring item samples, you can utilize it as a low-risk alternative for trying out your product ideas without investing much.

When using AliExpress, there is no need to reach out to suppliers; you can simply open up an account on the website and order immediately. Most of the suppliers in AliExpress already know about dropshipping. This means that there is no need to explain the concept to them. You can request that they refrain from placing their company details on the package.

The downside to using AliExpress is that you cannot guarantee the quality of the products. Sometimes the quality is great, other times, it is not. There is no consistency. So if you find a supplier that sends quality products consistently, it would be best to stick with them.


  • Cost of products is low
  • Little or no startup cost required
  • Million of products to choose from
  • More than one supplier available for a particular product


  • Aliexpress is a public website, and so your customers could buy the products you offer directly from the suppliers and at lower costs.
  • Long shipping time
  • Manual ordering
  • Quality is not consistent
  • Difficulty in settling trade disputes

Dropship Supplier #2: Oberlo

For those who use Shopify, Oberlo is one of the best dropshipping companies out there. With this company, you can easily search for products, pick out the best ones, add them to your store on Shopify, and then ship them to your buyers directly.

This platform has also made it effortless to make fulfilments. Since it’s automated, you don’t have to do anything after a buyer places an order. Another great thing about using Oberlo is how easily you can search through tons of products in particular niches while gaining access to market-driven insights. You could practically automate your entire selling process, and it honestly couldn’t be made any easier than this.

One important thing to note about Oberlo is that it doesn’t have its own suppliers, neither does it manufacture the products. So where do they get their products, then?

Oberlo purchases the products from AliExpress.

If Oberlo buys from AliExpress, why should I go for Oberlo then? The answer is simple; it’s because they automate the entire process for you. The process is done automatically, so if you have just ten or a thousand orders today, you won’t have to purchase one by one by yourself. Although you are technically sourcing your products from AliExpress, Oberlo is still considered one of the best “sources” when it comes to dropshipping.

Unlike Aliexpress, Oberlo is not entirely free to use. Although it has a free starter plan that comes with all the standard features, it only limits users to 500 products. The standard features include unlimited orders in a month, updates on inventory, sales reports, product analytics and statistics, and automated product pricing.

To gain access to more features such as bulk orders and variant features, then you have to pay for an upgrade at $29.90 monthly. You could also subscribe to their top plan that gives every feature plus 30,000 at $79.90 monthly.

In general, Oberlo is ideal for your dropshipping store, irrespective of the kind of products you sell. It doesn’t work with any other e-commerce platform other than Shopify.


  • Friendly user interface
  • It is easy to integrate with Shopify
  • You can easily import Aliexpress products with a single click
  • It comes with a free account to give you the chance to try out its features
  • automates the dropshipping process


  • It only works with Shopify stores
  • Its free account does not offer fulfillment monitoring, multiple users, or shipment tracking
  • It currently only supports AliExpress integration

Dropship Supplier #3: Salehoo

With more than 8,000 suppliers and over 2.5 million sellable products, SaleHoo is one of the biggest wholesale supplier directories. Over the past years, at least 137,000 people have utilized the features of this platform to start up their own online e-commerce businesses. This makes it indeed one of the most known dropshipping companies available today.

In addition to their large directory of products, SaleHoo also has a market research lab to help e-commerce store owners discover trending products and also calculate their profit margins. To make it even better, this platform’s supplier directory also comes with pricing deals available exclusively to its members to enable them to save money.

SaleHoos’s pricing plan is pretty straightforward. You could subscribe for one year of access at $67 or subscribe for a lifetime membership at $127. If you have plans of using SaleHoo’s services for more than one year, it would be best to opt for lifetime access since it’s relatively cheaper.

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a subscription you don’t enjoy as their subscription comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This makes it easy to try out the service and see if it suits your business.

One downside to this platform is the extra step involved in the whole process. Online sellers have to contact suppliers individually and manage relationships themselves. SaleHoo doesn’t do this for its users.


  • SaleHoo has an interactive community that keeps its members engaged and informed. They have a routine blog and forum to allow users to learn and chat with other users like them.
  • The market research lab feature lets users find the kind of product that’s most likely to yield better profits.
  • Good support team


  • Although there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, there is no free trial for those who would like to try the product out without investing at all.
  • Training to use the platform can be a bit challenging.

Start Your Dropshipping Business Now!

Dropshipping is, without a doubt, one of the most lucrative ways to make money in the e-commerce industry. It doesn’t require much upfront investment, and yet involves substantial profit margins.

However, the only way to be successful in this business is to have a reliable dropshipping supplier. This article has given insight into the most reliable dropshipping companies, so feel free to try them out and see which suits you best in terms of products, support, and integration.

If you’re looking to create a dropshipping business by focusing on just one niche, it’s best to do your research first. Anstrex Dropship can help you with this. Try it now while still free!

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