How to work with push ads in 2022: RichAds expert hacks How to work with push ads in 2022: RichAds expert hacks


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Push notifications are one of the most promising advertising formats. Their main advantage is that the ads look like messages and automatically draw the viewer's attention, so they work so well.

Financial vertical, nutra, dating, utility, and various other verticals benefit from push notifications. But how can you collaborate with them, and what should you think about while promoting in 2022?

This is the whole point of discussion in this article. The variety of push notifications, their benefits and the uniqueness of advertising settings and tips for increasing the effectiveness through push notifications will be the focus of our attention.

Our partner – RichAds ad platform – assisted us in determining the issue. RichAds is a significant source of push, pop, and direct click traffic with powerful optimization algorithms.

What are push notifications, and how do they display on different devices?

Push notifications are a native advertisement format that sits on top of other windows and visually resembles a notification from messengers or other programs. It is eye-catching and avoids banner blindness.

The push notifications are located at the top of the screen on smartphones. Ads are shown at the bottom right of the screen on PCs and laptops. This is what it looks like in practice.

Push Notification Ad Examples

The ad itself consists of:

  • The main image. Note that you must enlarge the push notification to view this image on mobile devices;

  • Icon. The mini-picture must be readable and clearly represent the spirit of the offer.

  • Title. A short text snippet that captures the substance of the statement;

Text. The webmaster has 45 characters at his disposal to draw attention to the offer and reveal more about it.

Push Notification Ad Elements

Also, push notifications are divided into several types. We will go through them in-depth in the next section.

Types of push notifications

  • Web push notifications. The most popular format. Advertising networks gather subscribers through websites and use a server to send out messages.

  • Calendar push. A format in which iOS and Mac OS users get adverts as scheduled events in the Calendar app.

Calendar Push Ad Example
  • In-page push notifications. They take you straight to the publisher's website and allow you to reach out to the iOS audience. The key advantage is that the user spends more time on the website after receiving the ad and is more likely to pay attention to the notification.
In-Page Push Ad Example

Advantages of push ads

When compared to other advertising forms, push notifications have several important advantages:

  • Real people. All push notification subscribers are self-subscribed. The user is aware of the subscription and is looking forward to receiving fresh alerts.

  • Readability is excellent. Announcements display on top of other windows on the screen. Unlike popups, they do not overlap the material, ensuring good reading without annoyance to the viewer.

  • High traffic volumes. For example, RichAds has more than 5 billion daily impressions.

  • Any GEO. Advertising networks bring in visitors from all around the world. RichAds covers more than 220 GEOs and consistently expands traffic numbers, even in controversial areas.

  • A low price and cost per click. You only pay for ad clicks in push notifications, and the cost per click at RichAds starts at $0.003 and varies by GEO.

  • Bonuses from advertising networks. Advertising networks value their audience and constantly arrange promotions for partners.

For example, RichAds gives a 10% bonus for the first deposit (just use promo code ANSTREX).

  • Loyal moderation. Unlike social media, most affiliate marketing offers may be promoted without cloaking or creative adaptation conforming to rigid guidelines.

When setting up campaigns, warm up your audience, take these features into account, and then the push notifications become truly effective. To correctly set up your campaign, we share what to look for when dealing with push notifications with RichAds.

How to drive traffic from push notifications?

Let's figure out how to drive traffic from push notifications. In this section, we focused on vertical selection, targeting features, creative production, and tips on boosting advertising's effectiveness even further.

Vertical selection

Through push notifications, you can effectively promote many verticals prohibited on other sites, such as on social media like Facebook. You may use push notification traffic to lure users to verticals like gaming and betting.

Offers that can quickly alleviate the viewer's problem demonstrate high efficiency in push notifications. It is critical that these are offers that appeal to a broad range of people.

RichAds has studied partner data and shared information with us about the verticals that perform well in push notifications.

Push Notification Vertical Selection

Targeting and all about settings

Targeting and all about settings

The targeting options in push notifications differ from the typical behavioural options seen in social media advertising accounts. Conventionally, they can be divided into 4 types:

  • Technical targeting. This includes geolocation, device model, browser, browser language, operating system, connection type, and other characteristics relevant to the user's device. They usually impact on the click-through rate and aid in audience segmentation.

  • Sources of traffic. They must classify publishers according to their efficiency (Premium, Standard, Remnant, and New subscribers lists group). You may choose from pre-configured traffic categories, request whitelists from managers, or establish your own blocklists using Automated rules feature in RichAds.

  • Schedule. It is important to deliver ads when the user is ready to see them. You can, for example, run ads after business hours, making it simpler for the user to pay attention to the message.

  • Audience activity. The effectiveness of a campaign also depends on how long the user has been subscribed to notifications. Take into note that the fresher the person is, the more attention he gives to the adverts.

Pay attention to the peculiarities of push notification targeting, segment the audience, and perform as many tests as possible to discover the perfect audience rapidly.

Creatives tips

In seconds, the webmaster must attract the user's attention. Because the structure of push notifications is restricted to only two images and a short amount of text, it is critical to make the most of these chances.

Here's what to look for when selecting each of the creative’s components:

  • Icon. It should be a single, big, and easy-to-read object. It should be prominently displayed, as it is frequently the only image that smartphone users see.

  • Main image. PC users mainly see it. Illustrations should be large and clear, with all details apparent, and should not be overburdened with information. Use joyful individuals, before/after photos, bright colours, and basic forms in your designs. Also, avoid using a lot of

  • Title. The header has a restriction of 30 characters, and it is with their help you must attract attention. Use newsbreaks or pressure the audience's "suffering," go right to the point, and write about what the viewer cares about.

  • Description. The description limit is 45 characters. Pay close attention to the offer's main perks and incentives to entice consumers to click on the ad.

Finally, we would like to share some samples of high-quality push notifications with you.

Use these samples to generate fresh ideas, examine your competition, and ensure that your creatives are readable. Your overall approach's efficiency is determined by how precisely and comprehensively you formulate an offer.


Push notifications are a potential advertising technique that you should consider including in your campaigns. Choose the correct vertical, master the ins and outs of technical targeting, and build expansive creatives – all of these steps will help you succeed with push notifications.

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