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In 2022 the trend of video content is only rising. According to the data collected by 2022, people spend on average 19 hours watching videos every week. Consequently, the popularity of video ad formats increases as well. The one we would like to talk about today is In-Stream and how you can launch your first instream ad campaign on ClickAdilla network.

What is Instream?

Instream ad is a video ad format that the audience is probably most familiar with. These videos appear within other video content – as a pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad, i.e. before, during or after the main video content. Depending on the length of such ads, they may be skippable (15-20 sec.) or not. The best one of course is a 30-seconds long pre-roll.

In-stream video ads now have a “Skip This Ad” button. Now users may choose whether to watch the full ad or skip it. This results in a more positive attitude towards instream ad format and consequently increases the effectiveness of the ad. The ad format has a cost-per-view (CPV) pricing model, i.e. each complete video view or mouse click is paid.

What is interesting about this type of ads is that people are already prepared to watch the ad and as a result the reaction is not that negative. Moreover, they are motivated to watch it because they know that they will be rewarded with the original content they were looking for afterwards.

Types of Instreams

Let us go a little bit more into details concerning the types of the instream ad format:

  • Instream pre-roll appears before the original video. This type is most commonly used. The best time to capture the attention of the audience is to show ads before the original content. The ad may be even more effective if the target audience is defined correctly and there is a link with the non-advertising content.
  • Instream mid-roll is shown in the middle of the original video. This type is only inserted in the middle of long videos. It may be very effective since the user is already ‘hooked’ by the moment.
  • Instream post-roll is placed at the end of the video. Here it is recommended that advertisers offer goods and services related to the original content.

Benefits of instream pre-rolls

No matter what you’re marketing, great storytelling is always the key. And video is the best way to tell about your product, service or company. According to statistics, video ads drive a 48% higher sales rate than static ads.

  • High viewability rate. 95% of pre-rolls are viewable.
  • Brand awareness. Video ads are great for lifting brand awareness.
  • Drive more sales. Video ads increase ad recall and purchase intent eventually.

However you have to create a really engaging video that would grab the attention of users from the first seconds.

How to create an In-Stream Ad in ClickAdilla?

  1. Sign up on ClickAdilla.

  2. Click the tab Ads.

  3. Select Video/in-Stream.

  4. Click on the button Video/in-Stream.

  5. Select Motion banner ad type.

  6. Insert URL.

  7. Select required skip time.

  8. Upload an image, write texts.

  9. Set up the color of the call-to-action button.

  10. Write the name and save it.

Creating Instream Campaign on ClickAdilla

How to create a captivating video in a few minutes?

Here are some useful practices:

✅ Make content that will shock viewers. A striking example is a series of commercials for Old Spice with Terry Crews. Such ads have a 99% chance of going viral.

✅ The use of sexy illustrations is a popular marketing tactic. Because it immediately grabs users attention. Moreover, this simple trick is suitable in 99% cases: food, clothes, nutrition, beauty, fitness etc. Top Sexy Commercials of All Time.

✅ Practical value – provide people with a practical value. So they will share it with others or will bookmark your video for future usage. A good example is Barclays App Pin reminder.

✅ Emotional ads. Emotion is one of the main reasons people choose to use a particular brand. To get people to buy from you, use the following examples of emotional triggers in your ad: happiness, fear, trust, sadness, anger, guilt or leadership. Remember that, people buy emotionally, not logically. Milton’s lovely story addressed to millennials.

✅ Spy on your competitors. There is no need to look far. Open YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and get inspired by the ads that will be shown to you.

Instream auto-generation

If you are promoting several services at a time, you may try out a brand new feature which allows users to connect several URLs to one Instream campaign at a time.

💡 YouTube videos don’t need moderation. They are approved automatically!

Let us have a look on how it works:

1. Sign in to your ClickAdilla account and press the “Create Campaign” button which is in the top left corner of the page.

Step 1

2. Select the ad format you want to run. In our case - it is In-Stream.

Step 2

3. Afterwards, you will be able to choose an existing campaign or to create a new one. Let’s try a new one!

Step 3

4. After choosing “Create a new one” an additional tab will appear where you may insert a link to your video and fill in all required information.

Step 4

5. If you scroll the page, you will find the button “Add”, which will allow you to add information about the second/third… video you would like to promote.

Step 5

6. Your campaign is ready to go! Don’t forget to set all settings to get maximum conversions!

You may also like a case study about instreams in the gaming vertical.

Since the popularity of video ad formats is rising each year there is no better time to try it out than today. Instream ads are already receiving up to 25% CTR in webcam, gambling and gaming verticals. Skyrocket your CTR and start your instream campaign with ClickAdilla now!

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