Native Ads and Affiliate Dating Offers [Case Study by TrafficStars] Native Ads and Affiliate Dating Offers [Case Study by TrafficStars]


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CPA Network: AdsEmpire

Offer: SOI Dating Offers

Offer payout: $4 - $5

Ad format: Native Ads

GEO: Germany

Period: 01/06/2022 - 21/06/2022

Costs: $1486

Total profit: $1953.5

ROI: 31%

How to Optimize Your Dating Offers for Maximum Profit

The dating vertical is a great place to start if you're interested in affiliate marketing. This article will show how to optimize your dating offers to generate the most revenue possible.

Offer and Payouts

We chose several mainstream SOI conversion flow dating offers from the AdsEmpire network for this case study. We get paid every time a user leaves their email, with payouts ranging from $4 to $5 per lead.

To combine these offers, we used a tracker. Although AdsEmpire has a dating Smartlink, we prefer to analyze the results ourselves. The stats from the affiliate network from 1 to 21 June showed that native mobile traffic accounted for around 95% of our traffic and profit.

Traffic Source Targeting

We've run campaigns on several ad networks, and we can confidently say that the native ad format in TrafficStars is one of the most profitable for us. We created separate ad campaigns for mobile and desktop devices to better control the bid and campaign performance and targeted Germany and the German language. We excluded proxy traffic to reduce the likelihood of receiving irrelevant user clicks.

Pricing Model

We bought traffic on a CPM viewable model, which means we pay for impressions, but site visitors are guaranteed to see our ads. For the mobile campaign, we set a bid of $0.01; for the desktop campaign, we set a bid of $0.005. When choosing a bid, look at the Recommended bid, which depends on the competition on your chosen target and shows the most optimal bid for the campaign to receive traffic.

Ad Creative Tips

We can't reveal the ad creatives we use, but we can share one important piece of advice: dating mature singles works best in Germany. Use real-life pictures of older women aged 40+, and add relevant headlines like

"We have found 31 singles in your area,"

"Meet Singles Over 40+ in your city," and "Top Dating Site in Germany."

Add simple CTAs in the brand name, such as "Try Now for Free!" and "Sign Up for Free," to encourage clicks. We got the most conversions from creatives with older women, which applies to other European countries. Unfortunately, there is no age targeting; otherwise, we could have easily surpassed our earnings in this case study.

Set the frequency cap to 3 daily to avoid annoying users and wasting your budget. Add macroses like {city} to replace the user's location name and increase CTR, but mention something about the location on the pre-landing page to avoid misleading users.

Use emojis in the headline to grab more attention to the ad message.

CTR and Campaign Optimization

After the first week of testing, we refreshed the ad creative pack with 10 in each campaign. We left the ad creatives that brought leads, even if they had a low click-through rate since generating registrations is the most important thing.

CTR of Native ads from mobile devices was much higher and reached 0.25%, while desktops struggled to achieve a CTR of 0.06%. However, CTR depends heavily on the traffic source, targeting, and vertical, so use this metric to compare creatives to each other in the same campaign.

Adding sources to white or blacklists can be a game-changer when optimizing your affiliate marketing campaign. In my experience, setting up auto-optimization rules in my tracker to blacklist underperforming ad spots and whitelist the best sources has been a successful strategy.

After two weeks of running my campaign, we collected a list of the best sources that brought in the bulk of my traffic and leads. By the end of the third week, we noticed a significant drop in traffic and conversions, so we stopped the campaigns.

To sum up

  • The dating vertical is an excellent choice for getting started in affiliate marketing.

  • Mobile traffic is a safe bet due to its higher volume and conversions.

  • Understanding your audience is key to creating relevant ad creatives that will generate clicks and conversions.

  • TrafficStars is a great source for Native ads with high-quality traffic volume.

We hope you found these tips useful and wish you the best of luck in your campaigns.

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