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Affmy is a dating CPA network with exclusive offers and in-house funnels. The affiliate program offers individual solutions to monetize any type of traffic. Affmy has more than 5 years of work experience with Tier 1 GEO, Asia and Western Europe.

Exclusive offers and Smartlink

Affmy works with exclusive offers only, that’s why its affiliates can always rely on the highest rates on the market. Besides classic offers, the affiliate program has Smartlink based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The system analyzes users’ GEO, operating system, browser, type of connection and many other parameters. Based on this data, two lists are formed: the one with the most matching offers and the second with the most cost-effective offers.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Smartlink is constantly improving, using continuous traffic research of affiliates and also the history of their driven traffic. When traffic comes to Smartlink, it is divided into microsegments and each microsegment has its own rotation.

The affiliate program has more than 10 exclusive dating offers on the top GEOs. Affmy continuously analyzes incoming traffic, that’s why its partners always get transparent analytics.

Sign Up

To sign up for Affmy affiliate program you need to click on “Sign up” section, then to choose “As an Affiliate”:

Sign Up Link On Affmy Website

After that, you will see another tab, where you should enter your data: name, e-mail, password, contacts in your messengers (Skype, Telegram).

Email Confirmation Form

When your email is confirmed, a manager will contact you to ask several questions, concerning your work experience and traffic. Right after the interview, your account will be upgraded to “active” and you will be able to log in to your member area.

Member area

When you log in to your account, you will see the Dashboard. Further, we will tell you what it consists of and what each menu option is about.

Affmy Affiliate Member Area
  1. You will find your affiliate program ID in brackets. When you click on this area, you can go to your profile settings. Here you can change your account information, add payment details, change your password and language settings, add postbacks and get a link to invite referrals.
  2. Dashboard is the main page of your member area, here you will see the latest news, contact info of your affiliate manager and the information concerning your balance (hold and available amounts). There is also statistics of the current day and for the previous 10 days in this section.
  3. Offers - all offers are collected in this item. Part of them will be available immediately, the others claim a special access.
  4. Smartlinks - here you can get a Smartlink.
  5. Statistics - it’s a fully-featured tracker within our affiliate program. The tracker keeps updating in real-time mode. Here you can see all the statistics by subID, cities, countries, devices, data, etc.
  6. Payments - this section shows the history of your payouts.
  7. News - news of the affiliate program.
  8. Referrals - here you will find stats of your earnings from your invited users.
  9. Latest news block - here you can check up the latest news of the affiliate program.
Member Area Layout

There are other fields on the main page of the member area:

  1. Name and contact info of your personal manager.
  2. Your balance.
  3. The total balance, the money in hold and the amount ready for a payout.
  4. Daily statistics by clicks, hosts and conversions.
  5. Your account statistics for the last 10 days.
  6. Offers - this block shows popular offers.

Offer Page

Offer page will give you detailed information of an offer: full description of users’ flow, target audience, receivable traffic, GEO and devices.

Offer Page Layout
  1. “Payouts” section describes payments made for 1 target action, devices and OS versions.
  2. Offer preview of the main screen. To go to a user flow, click on “offer preview”.
  3. This section shows hold period and click session lifespan.
  4. You will find the information of targeted audience in “Targeting info” section: city, device, OS version and connection type.
  5. The accepted types of traffic are specified in this section.
  6. To start working with an offer, you should add your traffic type and ask to approve it.

One of the distinctive features of Affmy is its complete transparency, that’s why all partners have detailed statistics, which is updated in real time mode and allows you to make timely changes to the campaign.

For those who can provide large volumes of traffic of high quality, the affiliate program offers special premium conditions, which include higher rates, increased caps and assistance at all stages of monetization.

Payouts are made once a week. The minimum payout amount depends on the payment system you have chosen: 100$ is for Paxum, WebMoney and from 1000$ is for Wire Transfer.

Affmy has been on the market since 2017. For all these 5 years, the CPA network has been constantly changing to become better and make the work of affiliates easier and faster.

Affmy Affiliate Program Benefits


In conclusion, Affmy provides affiliates with a fully customizable solution to generate a custom funnel for their inhouse offers thereby guaranteeing maximum ROI. It also offers many additional benefits such as weekly payouts, smart link campaigns and dedicated account manager for all the affiliate accounts. Try it out today.

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