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Creating viral sites for native advertising is all the rave today. You can easily earn big bucks if you know what you’re doing. If you’re just starting out, then you know that one of the main components of a great viral website is a good layout that will keep your audience engaged. After all, the more your visitors engage with your content, the higher the chances of them clicking on native advertisements in your site. This means more money for you as a publisher!

Look no further, we have listed the best self-hosted scripts and templates you can use for building an epic viral website. So without further ado…

1. The Velcro Wordpress Theme

If you’re looking for a Retina-ready theme, this is one of the best. Retina-ready websites usually focus more on images in the website, providing better and sharper photos for visitors to view. Velcro theme allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your website, even if you have zero coding knowledge. It makes use of Redux Options Panel (a Wordpress option panel framework).

This theme is priced at $32 per license, with an option to receive extended support for 12 months for an additional $7.50. Velcro’s main features include:

  • 10 Custom Widgets
  • 2 homepage layouts
  • 5 widget areas
  • 5 post formats

2. Buzzy for Breaking News, Viral Lists, Polls and Videos

Image source: CodeCanyon

If you want to use a theme that has the familiar viral sites look like Buzzfeed, BoredPanda and more, Buzzy theme is a great choice! It allows you to create a site that includes newsworthy features, viral lists and popular videos. This theme even allows you to create polls to keep your audiences engaged and help you know which type of content they love, so they’ll be coming back for more.

Buzzy is priced at $36 for one license, but if you’d like to add quizzes, contact forms and an easy comment plugin, you can get the entire package for only $54. This theme has been purchased more than two thousand times and users love it! It currently has an average rating of 4.36 stars.

To round it up, Buzzy’s best features are:

  • Its different post types namely breaking news, poll, viral lists and video posts;
  • Its ability to track the top posts;
  • Its ability to put native advertisements on various types of widgets.

To top it off, Buzzy also has a great reporting panel which is easy to digest and navigate around. If you’d like to earn more with native advertising in a viral site, you should definitely consider Buzzy.

3. Ninja Media Script

As its name implies, Ninja Media is a downloadable script which you can upload to your own hosting site or to DevDojo’s (the creator) shared hosting. The shared hosting that DevDojo offers is included in their premium accounts. This is not a Wordpress-based theme, but is a standalone site that was built with Voyager 1.0 and Laravel 5.5.

For $60 per year, you can get a viral website that focuses on user submissions, much like 9Gag and BoredPanda. Users can sign up using email, Google or Facebook and proceed to submitting images and videos of their own. You can even award them points and create a list of top users for their prestige, which will encourage them to participate more.

If you have limited knowledge of web development, they offer training materials to help you along. If you get stuck, you can ask the community in their exclusive forums or you can contact the support team. Just make sure to renew your account yearly to retain access.

4. King Media

Image from CodeCanyon

If you wanted your content to focus more on viral videos and images, then King Media is the perfect viral website creation script for you. This website template accepts video submissions from computer uploads or based on URL of videos hosted in Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and more.

This template offers both a masonry grid style design and a list theme for free. King Media is currently worth $24 in CodeCanyon. With a rating of 4.55 stars and purchases of more than 2,000 in CodeCanyon, it is a very well regarded viral website theme.

If you’d like a different design, they also offer the following themes for $14 each:

  • Yosemite Theme
  • Royal Theme
  • RedBuzz Theme
  • Buzz Theme

They also have the following plugins:

  • King Social Login Plugin (free) – allows users to join and login using their social media profiles.
  • NSFW Add-on (free) – allows you to automatically cover up images or videos that are not safe for work to prevent your visitors from getting in trouble.
  • Top Users Widget (free) – feature your top users and their submissions with this widget.
  • Slider Plugin – priced at $10 when purchased separately, this allows you to place a slider in any part of the website.
  • Loading Ad Plugin – also priced at $10, this plugin will help you maximize your native advertisement earnings.
  • Trending posts plugin – this will cost you $12, but will allow you to feature the top submissions and gain more visitor interest.

If you’d like to get all the themes and paid plugins too, you can purchase the King Media bundle version for only $59.

5. Wordpress Themes Recommended for Viral Sites

If you want to stick to using Wordpress instead of a self-installed website script for your viral website, you can use any of these themes:

  • Kickcube – this is a content-sharing theme that lets you create a buzz-worthy site. Kickcube allows your users to login using their social media accounts. They can upload their own content; whether photo, video, music or plain posts. If you want a membership or subscription-style website, the Kickcube theme will let you accept payments with unlimited subscription packages. It is currently priced at $49 in CodeCanyon.
  • Foot – Grid – if you are looking for a highly-stylized content submission website, Foot-Grid theme is perfect for you. You can choose between Pinterest Style, Amazing Grid, Magazine, Full-width and more. It is worth $49 per license.


If you can create a perfectly-designed viral website, you can surely earn a lot from banner and native advertisements. Content-sharing is popular nowadays, and it won’t be going away soon. So what are you waiting for, start creating!

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