Trailblazer’s Guide: Best TikTok Ads Strategies 2024 Trailblazer’s Guide: Best TikTok Ads Strategies 2024


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Are You Spying on Your Competitors' Ad Campaigns?

Our tools monitor millions of native, push, pop, and TikTok advertising campaigns.

The world of social media is constantly changing. Right now, TikTok is where the action is! It's the hot spot for businesses and brands looking to connect with a vibrant, youthful audience. With billions of users around the globe, it's no wonder digital marketers are flocking to TikTok to spice up their advertising game.

However, with any new platform comes a learning curve, and many marketers may feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to use TikTok for advertising effectively. This guide on the Best TikTok Ads Strategy 2024 will explore everything you need to know about using this platform.

Every ad you launch is an opportunity to make a significant impact — ensure you're fully leveraging that potential. Prepare to elevate your brand's presence on TikTok and turn your ads into powerful tools for growth with these tactics outlined below.

1. Utilize TikTok Ads Spy Tools

There's a super smart strategy that feels almost like a secret trick: we're talking about using spy tools to find inspiration for TikTok ads. After all, knowing more gives you a huge advantage.

Understanding your audience and competitors can provide an unparalleled edge in a platform that thrives on the rapid evolution of trends and challenges.

Spy tools allow marketers to examine successful TikTok campaigns, offering a glimpse into the types of content that resonate, the strategies employed by competitors, and the emerging trends that capture the collective imagination of the TikTok community.

One powerful spy tool that can help you gain an advantage is Anstrex In-Stream Ads. Imagine you've just launched a sizzling app and are itching to promote it, but how? A quick sleuth with Anstrex shows the top dogs flaunting real-life success stories, sparking that "Aha!" moment for your campaign strategy.

Let’s find some real-life examples.

Example 1: Gaming App Ad

Your game is the next potential obsession, but it needs that push. Through Anstrex, you uncover that game ads' crème de la crème is all about immersive experiences and sneak peeks into gameplay.

Here’s how you reach that potential:

After logging in to Anstrex In-stream, go to the Top Creatives tab, click the Search button, and type in the keyphrase “game” or "games." You can always try more niche keywords like "puzzles" or even "zombie game."

The results should look like this:

From the results, you should be able to choose any ad cards you want to view. You can sort the results based on likes, views, popularity, and more. This way, you can find the most recent ads or the most popular ads, whichever works best for you.

Let's choose one card and have a look.

From there, you should be able to view the creatives, videos, hashtags, and landing pages that the advertiser @Zombie Waves used.

According to the ad card, this one had more than 134 thousand views on its 7-day run. It targeted TikTok users aged 18 to 25, using a Spark Ad. If you don't know what a Spark Ad means, it's simply a TikTok video already posted on the advertiser's profile and is being boosted using ads.

Let's take a look at the actual video:

@Zombie Waves

Super fun zombie shooting game

♬ Promoted Music - Zombie Waves

What made this video more appealing to users is that it shows the actual gameplay, with feedback from someone who has tried it. Within the video ad, you'll even see the Call to Action to "download Zombie Waves today for free."

If you click on the link on the video included in the ad, it will send you directly to the Google PlayStore page of the app, prompting users to immediately download the game and try it out for free.

Example #2: Devices and Accessories (E-Commerce) Ad

For those dabbling in e-commerce, selling the next quirky home gadget, Anstrex reveals that humor plus a dash of practical magic sees products flying off the virtual shelves.

As we did on the gaming app, go to the Top Creatives tab, click the Search button, and type in the keyword ‘home gadgets.' If you have a more niche keyword, you can use that, too. However, ‘home gadgets’ is a pretty common hashtag, so it’s a good way to find new products.

The results should look like this:

We're seeing some of the most recent ones. We can still narrow this one by adjusting the Days Running slide for at least 7 days to get ads with data. Then let's choose this one:

According to the details provided by the ad card, this one is an advertisement for ‘Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp Waterproof.’ The product was sold on the Shopify platform and has a Like Rate of 1.26% (pretty high for e-commerce).

It had 1.4 million views when it ran from December 17, 2023, to December 22, 2023, which is a good sign.

Here's the actual video ad:

It's obvious why people liked this video: it showed all the positive attributes of the solar light. In fact, even though I knew it was an ad, I myself liked how it was presented that I even took a look at their product page with the intention of buying!

One of the things that they did well in this ad is that they added the store's website on the video itself. So whether you are viewing this as an ad or someone shared it with you, you'll immediately know where to buy the item.

Keep in mind that you can also conduct an Advanced Search for TikTok Ads that fall within the ‘home gadgets’ keyword. Here's how to make it work:

Click the Search button and choose Advanced Search. Fill the groups with the necessary information that you want. For this example, we will choose three rules for Group 1 and one rule for Group 2. It can look like this:

Too many filters can often lead to reduced results though. If you are unsatisfied with the number of results you get, you can always return to the Advanced Search option and add, delete, or change the rules to get more refined results.

As you can see, using these tools to analyze successful ads lets you craft relatable and engaging content that blends seamlessly into the endless scroll. This way, your ads pop out, spark curiosity, and connect faster than you can say "skip ad."

In the wild world of TikTok marketing, spy tools are your trusty map and compass. It's all about navigating this digital jungle with a keen eye for hidden gems and a knack for finding golden opportunities where others see only cat videos.

2. Leverage AI-driven Creative Tools

AI on TikTok is taking a huge leap, not just a step, into exciting new creative territories. With AI tools like Adobe Express for TikTok and TikTok’s own Creative Assistant, making awesome videos that pull people in is easy. It's all about using tech in tune with the latest trends and what audiences are into.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is your creative ally, offering a suite of visually stunning templates and design features that ensure your content captures and holds attention. This tool turns your ads into captivating stories that connect with your audience's visual tastes.

TikTok Creative Assistant

Meanwhile, Creative Assistant is your behind-the-scenes strategist. It creates scripts based on the platform's top-performing ads and even tells you why they work.

It also analyzes heaps of user engagement data to pinpoint exactly what tweaks your content needs to go from being “scrolled past" to becoming the “talk of TikTok town”. It's like discovering a tailor-made recipe for viral success perfectly suited to your audience.

This new way of creating content moves away from old, slow methods to a faster, data-driven approach.

The downside of using the Creative Assistant is its focus on well-known brands. Ads may perform better because people already recognize these brands, but we’re not sure if it’ll work for brands that are just starting to make a name for themselves.

Still, these AI tools let marketers confidently try new things, backed by insights that boost engagement and conversion.

It’s a smarter, more playful way of connecting with viewers. It’s where the blend of creativity and analytics ensures your TikTok ads are not just seen but remembered and acted upon.

Other AI Tools

But beyond TikTok's built-in AI capabilities, a world of third-party AI tools opens up endless possibilities for crafting standout ad creatives.

Platforms like Lumen5 and Promo offer intuitive interfaces transform how marketers create video content. They use AI to recommend the best formats, styles, and music based on the target audience and current trends.

These tools don't just analyze heaps of data; they play creative director, suggesting content that's bound to engage and captivate the TikTok crowd. Think of them as your secret weapon for viral fame.

From scripting to final edits, these tools streamline every step of video creation, helping marketers produce top-notch, TikTok-ready ads. Now, they're not without their quirks—the learning curve can be a bit of a beast. But once you tame it, these tools are worth every bit of the effort.

3. Focus on Niche Hashtag Challenges

A Niche Hashtag Challenge on TikTok is a marketing strategy focusing on the platform's specific, highly engaged communities. These challenges are driven by hashtags associated with content that appeals directly to groups with particular interests – wellness enthusiasts, eco-conscious consumers, culinary creatives, and more.

Here's how leveraging niche hashtag challenges can elevate your TikTok ad strategy:

Enhanced Engagement

Tailoring challenges to resonate with targeted communities boosts participation and sharing. This heightened engagement helps propel the brand's hashtag to viral levels, expanding reach organically.

Authenticity and Trust

By partnering with respected micro-influencers in these niches, campaigns gain credibility. Their genuine endorsements act as trusted recommendations, fostering trust among followers. To find micro-influencers, it’s best to hang out where your audience hangs out! Open your TikTok app, search for a hashtag, and see what happens.

Ifyou’ve got no time for manual research, Use platforms like Insense and Upfluence.

Targeted Reach

When you focus on specific segments, the marketing message becomes more impactful. It hits home with audiences genuinely interested in the brand, increasing conversion likelihood.

Community Building

Engaging users in creative challenges cultivates a sense of belonging. This shared participation connects them more deeply with the brand and with each other, creating a loyal fanbase.

Insights and Feedback

The interactive nature of hashtag challenges provides direct feedback. Brands gain valuable insights into their target audience’s preferences and behaviors. This information guides future marketing strategies and product innovations.

Niche Hashtag Challenge Examples

A niche hashtag challenge on TikTok is a focused and targeted social media campaign designed to engage a specific audience with particular interests or passions. Unlike broad hashtag challenges that aim for mass appeal, niche challenges cater to a more defined group, often revolving around unique themes, hobbies, or fandoms.

Here are some examples of TikTok hashtag challenges that showcase the potential of challenges and the engagement they can generate.


The #AerieREALPositivity hashtag challenge on TikTok was nothing short of extraordinary. In its first week, it racked up an incredible 902.3 million views!

Partnering with Charli D’Amelio was a game-changer, boosting Aerie’s digital presence and officially launching their TikTok.

Following her Instagram post, Aerie gained 16,049 new followers over one weekend—a whopping 1,082% increase—and 15,000 new TikTok followers. Within two weeks, the campaign skyrocketed to 2 billion TikTok views.

During the promotional period (4/16-4/18), the challenge surpassed almost every benchmark:

  • Total Video Views: 384,015,992

  • Video Creations: 478,104

  • Video Creators: 253,597

  • Engagement Rate: 18.02%

  • Impressions (Challenge Page): 106,922

  • External Link Clicks (Challenge Page): 275

Aerie also saw an 855% increase in web traffic, with their #AerieREAL Life home page hitting 138,000 views in one day alone, mainly driving to the Positivity Post. The challenge brought massive engagement and created a powerful community around self-love and body positivity.


The hashtag #ACOTARJewelry, inspired by the popular book series "A Court of Thorns and Roses" (often abbreviated as #ACOTAR), has become a significant marketing tool for small jewelry businesses.

These businesses have cleverly tapped into the devoted fanbase of the series, creating pieces that reflect the enchanting world and beloved characters of the books.

@aquamarisejewelry Calling all #BookTok girlies! Which ACOTAR-inspired couples ring speaks to your heart? Tell us below in the comments #acotar #acotarjewelry #sarahjmass #fantasy #romantasy #ringsoftiktok #jewelrylover #couplesrings #matchingrings ♬ luminary acotar soundtrack edit - Joel Sunny

I'm not an ACOTAR fan, but I promise you, these videos really enticed me to check the jewelries out!

By using #ACOTARJewelry and tagging their products with #ACOTAR, they’ve grabbed the attention of a niche audience. This crowd is eager to buy items that let them carry a piece of their favorite story.

This marketing strategy has increased visibility and boosted sales. Fans love jewelry that connects with their favorite series.

Small jewelry businesses have successfully turned literary fandom into a profitable market. This is a smart way to utilize branded hashtags, even when they are not your own brand!

TIP: Running out of ideas? Check out the different filters and effects recently added on TikTok for inspiration!

The niche hashtag challenges harness TikTok's collaborative and creative spirit, allowing brands to connect with specific communities through personalized and engaging content. This strategy taps into TikTok's unique culture and meets users' desire for authentic and relatable online experiences.

You don’t have to create your challenge—you can jump into an existing one and promote your products (like in the ACOTAR example above). As long as you engage with the communities where your target audience stays, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to hijack hashtag challenges to your benefit.

4. Implement AR Experiences in Ads

Augmented Reality (AR) experiences revolutionize TikTok Ads by making them interactive and immersive. This approach is vital for grabbing the attention of TikTok's users, allowing them to participate actively in a brand's narrative.

AR cranks up engagement and recall, boosting conversion chances by letting users virtually try products in their surroundings or on themselves. It turns regular ads into unforgettable digital experiences, giving brands a serious upgrade. Just look at Effect House—it's a game-changer!

TikTok's Effect House changes how we interact. It lets creators, brands, and users design their own AR effects. This tool boosts creativity in TikTok videos. Picture a filter that makes your surroundings a whimsical wonderland. Or an effect that adds magic to everyday moments. With Effect House, these dreams come true.

One of the immense benefits of Effect House is its accessibility. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newbie with a spark of creativity, EffectHouse provides intuitive tools and comprehensive tutorials to help you craft stunning AR effects. This democratization of AR creation means more diverse and captivating content flooding our feeds.

Effect House gives brands a golden ticket to captivate audiences in a fun and interactive playground. With custom AR effects, your marketing campaigns will be more memorable and shareable than ever.

And that's the goal, right? To have your content shared until it goes viral? That's free promotion!

Still, these AI tools let marketers confidently try new things, backed by insights that boost engagement and conversion.

It’s a smarter, more playful way of connecting with viewers. It’s where the blend of creativity and analytics ensures your TikTok ads are not just seen but remembered and acted upon.

5. Utilize Predictive Analytics for Trend Forecasting

In the dynamic world of TikTok, where trends can emerge and fade within a blink,utilizing predictive analytics for trend forecasting represents a game-changing strategy for advertisers.

Predictive analytics tools like Google Trends or Social Blade use vast data. They spot patterns and predict hot topics or hashtags. This helps marketers craft TikTok ads that fit current trends. It keeps their content relevant and engaging.

You can launch a TikTok campaign that perfectly coincides with an emerging trend, positioning your brand at the forefront of users' minds.

For instance, a fashion brand might use predictive analytics to anticipate a resurgence in vintage styles, creating ads that showcase their retro-inspired collection just as the trend takes off.

Google Trends is showing that the vintage clothing never seems to go down:

Then using Anstrex In-Stream, we find these ads.

Let’s take a look at this ad from Joanie Clothing:

The video has a great number of views, and it was executed fairly well with the model trying on the clothing and looking chic in her dress, shoes, and bag, as shown below:

@joanieclothing The fantastic @Jackie Todd showing off her solo date, vintage-inspired styling NHM - Pepper Dinosaur Print Shirt Dress Annie Corduroy Waistcoat Lafayette Wide Leg Corduroy Trousers NHM - Polpo Octopus Print Tee #JoanieGal #Museum #Manchester #VintageFashion #SustainableFashion #SoloDate ♬ original sound - Joanie Clothing

6. Practice Split Testing and Scaling

Creating captivating TikTok ads is like dancing—always moving and ready to groove! To keep your campaign in top form, think of it as a never-ending dance-off where you’re constantly testing new moves.

From your ad's visuals and messaging to audience segments and bidding strategies, each part matters. Test these elements to find what clicks with your audience.

Conducting A/B testing—also known as split testing—is an effective method to compare different versions of your ads to see which one performs better. This could mean testing two different headlines, images, or calls to action against each other with the same audience segment.

The magic of A/B testing is in its elegant simplicity and the treasure trove of data it provides. It lets you make decisions based on solid evidence rather than a lucky guess.

By scrutinizing each version's performance, you can zero in on what truly drives engagement and conversions. It's like having a crystal ball for your ads, letting you fine-tune them to perfection based on real user responses!

Take a look at these two ads for Peloton workout app that we've found using Anstrex InStream Tool. They've been run roughly on the same dates, by the same influencer, the same targeting settings, but using different videos:

Meanwhile, scaling TikTok ads effectively demands a strategic approach to enhance brand visibility and drive conversions.

Start by analyzing your ad data. Find your top-performing ads. Increase your budget for these winners. Watch their performance closely as you scale up.

At the same time, you should diversify your ad content and test different targeting criteria to reach broader or more specific audience segments. Use user feedback and current trends in your creatives for continual optimization.

Investing more in winning ads while exploring new demographics will create a balanced growth strategy, maximizing both reach and engagement on TikTok.

Testing, analyzing, and scaling should be ongoing. Make it a part of your TikTok ad strategy. This keeps your campaigns evolving. They improve and get you better results.

7. Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Special Occasions

Special occasions and events present unique opportunities to connect with your audience in a timely and relevant manner.

Whether it’s a global event like the World Cup or a fun, seasonal occasion such as Halloween, these moments create a shared experience that people worldwide are discussing. When you monitor the trending hashtags and challenges related to these events, you can position your brand at the heart of the conversation, making your content seen and actively engaged.

Having your finger on the pulse of TikTok's dynamic ecosystem is essential to leverage these moments.

This means not just watching out for trends as they arise but being prepared to act swiftly to create content that aligns with them.

Real-time engagement is key here. Quickly producing and publishing content that catches the buzz can set your brand apart. You're not just following trends; you're part of them. This agility can transform your brand from a spectator to a trendsetter. It enhances your visibility and relevance on the platform.

Your brand doesn’t even have to perfectly align with the event, as long as you can incorporate the event into what you are promoting, then that’s fine!

For instance, take a look at this ad by OddBalls, an undergarments business, which incorporated England Rugby into their clothing just in time for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Once again, we’ve used Anstrex InStream ads to search for this:

Here's the actual video of the promotion:

@myoddballs GOOD LUCK ENGLAND Here’s some BTS from our @England Rugby shoot to mark the start of their 2023 World Cup journey! #rugbyworldcup #englandrugby #bts #photoshoot #fyp #foryou ♬ A Little Disco - Official Sound Studio

Leveraging special occasions and trends on TikTok offers the added benefit of tapping into a wider audience.

When your content aligns with what's trending, it's more likely to be discovered by users beyond your existing followers, expanding your reach and attracting new potential customers to your brand.

Sail Smoothly in the Rough TikTok Seas this 2024!

As we cruise into 2024, nailing these TikTok tactics will be essential for brands wanting to make waves in the choppy social media waters.

By sneakily spying on competitors, staying trend-savvy, split testing like mad scientists, smartly optimizing ad spend, and capitalizing on special occasions, your brand won't just stay afloat—it'll ride the high tide to success!

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