Use Your 2020 Vision to Focus on these Top Niches Use Your 2020 Vision to Focus on these Top Niches


Clear your Eyes and Focus on What Matters

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Clear your Eyes and Focus on What Matters

The world has been in the middle of a crisis for months due to the COVID-19 situation, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Flights have been canceled, the Olympics was rescheduled, businesses are suffering – and specialists are saying that a recession is imminent. The whole world seems to be in a standstill – but that doesn’t have to be the case for all businesses: and this is where native ads come in.

With people being forced to stay home, the Internet has become an even stronger channel than it has ever been. People have been coming up with unique and creative ways to navigate through this chaos caused by a pandemic, and we are getting to appreciate the importance of web marketing even further. With native ads, the power of digital marketing cannot be questioned; but at the moment, any good web marketer should be asking this question: which niches should we focus on?

Online Careers Niche

As a lot of experienced freelancers would say: it is a gig economy – and this is what created a surge in teleworking since the Internet has become more accessible years ago. Having more freedom with the way employees spend their time is truly an underappreciated aspect of remote working, which people are now realizing more because of the coronavirus.

Now that people have gotten a taste of what it’s like to not be anchored to a physical space, they are more likely to turn to online businesses or do remote work more freely – and with furloughs going around, everyone wants to have their own side hustles.

Virtual Health and Medical Services Niche

This 2020 pandemic has not only made people more open to online businesses: it has also made remote medical services more valuable to everyone. Since most everyone in the world is stuck in their homes, any potential health issue could be considered an emergency, given that people can’t get easy access to medical attention.

With virtual medical services, people would be able to at least get the medical attention and treatment they need without having to risk their lives.

Entertainment Niche

What do you do when you’re not allowed to go out? You find a way to entertain yourself in the safety of your own home – but what kind of entertainment should you get to drive cabin fever away? The answer: whatever type of entertainment that could be accessed online.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to find all types of entertainment nowadays, but on the Internet, these three are becoming more and more popular:

1) Learning/Hobby Platforms

People want (or at least, are trying) to become more productive with the extra time they get for not having to commute to and from work, and everyone is turning to online learning to pursue their hobbies or passions that they have been putting aside for years. Here are some of the courses available online right now:

  • Dancing
  • Programming
  • Video Production
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Painting/Drawing

2) Video Platforms

It’s no wonder that all media and telecommunications giants are vying for a piece of the pie because video-on-demand has never been this “in demand” for years. Now that we have better technologies than when the 2008 recession hit, people are more reliant on video platforms for their entertainment needs. Though most major platforms like Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Vudu have their affiliate programs set, Netflix does not have one at the moment – but this niche is still worth looking into.

3) Audio/Published Material Platforms

People have become more receptive to audiobooks and books in general since all this chaos began, not because these channels have not been available before, but because people have more time to dedicate to enjoying these channels better.

E-commerce Niche

Last but certainly not the least, e-commerce is one of the niches that is definitely booming right now. Keep in mind that food and clothing are among the basic necessities of all human beings, so online shopping has been skyrocketing since this pandemic began. Apart from giants like Amazon and Whole Foods, other businesses are tapping into this niche precisely because of the revenue it generates from people not going out to do their shopping from physical stores. Apart from that, online shops for this particular niche have always been among the first few industries that developed their own technologies, especially mobile apps for such businesses.

Whichever of these niches you have set your eyes on, make sure to utilize a technique that has already shown success for you. We recommend the country-focus technique.

We all know that this crisis couldn’t just go soon enough, but making lemonade out of lemons has never been a crime: and dipping our hands into the honeypot of these niches would surely bring us some chance of survival while we wait for this nightmare to be over.

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