10 Best Lead Generation Tools to Grow Your Business 10 Best Lead Generation Tools to Grow Your Business

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However, not all lead generation tools offer streamlined workflows, which are critical to ensure marketers can easily guide users through the sales funnel.

We’ve reviewed the ten best lead generation tools below to make your search for the right tool easier.

10 Best Lead Generation Tools to Grow Your Business


Qualaroo by ProProfs is one of the best-known lead generation tools that help marketers optimize CRO and collect feedback effectively. There are a few different ways to generate leads using Qualaroo:

  • Creating feedback surveys and lead forms
  • Embedding external links to surveys to redirect customers to your email newsletter subscription page
  • Using the popup survey nudges on websites, apps, or SaaS products to capture new leads from different platforms

The tool offers several pre-built templates for surveys and forms, over ten different question types, many branding options, conditional branching features, and several answer types to help you design truly personalized surveys.

Qualaroo also allows you to choose how, when, and who to target with every lead form and survey.

The A/B testing features and the AI-powered sentiment analysis features make it easier for you to collect feedback and understand the data. Integrating with tools like Slack is simple and can help you automate workflows and increase productivity.

With pricing starting at $0.0008 per tracked pageview/month and the company offering free limited access to its services, Qualaroo is an impressive tool that you cannot overlook.

#2 ProProfs Survey Maker


ProProfs Survey Maker stands out from other tools because of its 100+ survey and quiz templates. The built-in drag and drop editor enables you to build surveys, web forms, sidebar forms, polls, quizzes, and assessments in a matter of minutes.

The lead generation and CRO tool offers over 15 different question types, and features such as skip logic, scorecards, and visual questions make your surveys more interactive and interesting.

With ProProfs Survey Maker, you can embed polls and surveys to your website, send them to your email list, and share it on social media. You can also embed feedback, lead, and contact forms to the sidebar on your website to offer your visitors a non-intrusive experience.

The comprehensive reporting section makes data analysis quick and simple. You will see responses, user details, scores, and other details about your surveys on the same screen.

But the best part about the tool is that you can integrate it with CRM tools like Zendesk and Mailchimp to build prospect lists. The basic plan is free, and the paid plans start at $0.05/response/month.

#3 Typeform


Asking personalized questions in surveys and quizzes is the only way to get through to prospects and receive data you can follow up on. Typeform is a popular lead generation tool that specializes in just that.

The pre-built templates coupled with the custom layouts and themes simplify creating engaging forms, surveys, and quizzes for your website.

Its conditional logic features ensure that your visitors receive a truly personalized experience. Besides adding the surveys to your website, you can share them on social media and send them to your email list.

Typeform also makes it possible for marketers to collect verbal and visual feedback with the “VideoAsk” feature. Using the AI-based chatbot feature is an excellent way to recommend products and generate leads.

Exporting data to CRM tools is easy and allows you to nurture the leads you collect. With the plans starting at $20/month for 100 responses, there is a premium to pay to use this tool.

#4 Unbounce


Unbounce offers a wider array of effective lead generation features, making it the go-to tool for many in the industry. Besides enabling you to build forms, it also enables you to build landing pages and sticky bars to prompt user action.

The built-in drag-and-drop landing page builder features over 100 templates designed to maximize visitor engagement and reduce bounce rates.

Creating and embedding lead forms, popups, sticky bars, and opt-in messages to collect visitor information becomes uncomplicated with Unbounce. The tool also provides control over when and where the popups and sticky bars appear for your visitors.

Features such as A/B testing, personalized messages, and excellent UI design help validate how your visitors like your website and what doesn’t work for them.

The convenient real-time dashboard makes checking the performance of your pages and tests straightforward. Like many of the top lead generation tools, Unbounce is rich with integrations and can be connected to Google Analytics and Slack.

Unbounce’s plans start at $90/month, but you can get a feel for the tool for free with the 14-day trial.

#5 Instapage


Instapage gears businesses of all sizes with tools to build landing pages, carry out CX personalization, use AdMaps, and do A/B testing. These features make it one of the most promising lead generation tools out there.

Designing dynamic, responsive landing pages personalized for your targeted audience becomes uncomplicated with Instapage. The A/B testing features allow you to optimize your landing pages for conversions further.

The tool further offers tools such as heatmaps, multivariate testing, and in-depth analytics to help you make the most of every conversion opportunity.

The AdMaps and Thor Render features flush out the performance of every landing page you build. With the tool capable of integrating with over 100 workspace apps right out of the box, Instapage is one tool we can recommend without any reservations for building landing pages.

The tool costs $199/year to use, and a free trial is available for new customers.

#6 Leadpages


Leadpages is a feature-rich lead generation tool designed for SMEs that want to use landing pages as their primary lead generation method. Designing and deploying fully-functional sites in half the time it would take to pull off using WordPress makes it the go-to tool for thousands of users.

It comes with optimized templates, CRO features, and A/B testing capabilities, providing marketers with everything they need to generate leads. The tool can create websites that are 30% faster than the average website, which is excellent since fast loading speeds can decrease bounce rates and increase engagement.

All the pages designed in Leadpages are mobile-responsive by default, and the 200+ templates give you many design options for every project. The tool also simplifies creating popup forms and allows you to offer deals and updates to your visitors non-intrusively with sophisticated alert bars.

The extensive analytics dashboard, built-in SEO optimization toolkit, and 50+ integration options are excellent touches to this full-featured lead generation tool.

Starting at $37/month for one website, free hosting, and a free custom domain, it’s one of the more moderately-priced tools on this list.

#7 ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels approaches lead generation by offering all the tools required to create effective sales funnels. Besides enabling users to design websites and landing pages, ClickFunnel also offers the ability to create opt-in pages, membership pages, and squeeze pages, just to name a few.

Catering to small and large businesses alike, it is the perfect sales funnel creator if you’re looking to make a sophisticated lead generation system that attracts more prospects.

The drag and drop editor makes building sales funnels, landing pages, and lead capture forms effortless. The tool features over 40 sales funnels templates that you can use right out of the box.

ClickFunnels users can also integrate one-click upsells and payment gateways to their sites in a few clicks. Furthermore, the mail automation features enable marketers to capture leads in bulk and send targeted messages to leads via text, email, and social media.

What’s more impressive is the built-in affiliate program manager, which equips marketing teams to draw more leads. The modern dashboard shows performance stats such as CTRs, conversions, and more, providing key insights at a glance.

You can try ClickFunnels for free for 14 days, post which you will need to get one of the plans, with pricing starting at $97/month for the suite of features.

#8 Mailchimp


Mailchimp is one of the industry’s best email and social marketing tools, making it easier for users to build survey forms, social ads, and marketing emails. It comes with powerful A/B testing functionality to optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions.

Designing engaging emails is easy with the drag and drop builder and the excellent templates. The tool also makes it easy to create social media ad campaigns and retarget visitors to websites.

You can then assist your visitors in filling out the sign-up forms and push for conversion using automatic follow-up emails. The behavioral targeting features enable marketers to auto-send messages based on the user’s actions.

Adding custom forms to your site’s sidebar or footer is easy, and adding popup forms based on the lead’s behavior is just as simple.

Analyzing the success of your campaigns becomes effortless with Mailchimp’s dashboard since it allows you to compare industry benchmarks and study key metrics.

You can use the tool’s free plan to get a feel for the product, and plans are affordable, starting at $11/month. Mailchimp integrates with tools such as LiveChat and Zapier, allowing for a more productive workflow.

#9 Sendinblue


Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing and lead generation tool that offers many features to optimize websites, improve engagement, get more leads, and streamline sales processes.

Finding new prospects is as simple as designing and deploying email and SMS marketing campaigns. Its live chat widget lets you offer support and generate leads from your website.

Sendinblue features an intuitive drag and drop editor that makes furnishing interactive sign-up forms uncomplicated. The built-in inbox allows you to reply to customers over chat, SMS, and email.

The tool boasts remarkable contact organization features. But it’s one of the only tools that allows you to create tasks with deadlines and assign them to team members. Automating workflows is also easy.

A free plan is available, and paid plans start at $25/month.

#10 BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based tool that aids in finding the best engagement content across social media. The social media engagement tool makes tracking social media trends easy. Further, analyzing the popular content and contacting influencers for promotions is a breeze with this tool.

The tool gives you a head start by providing in-depth insights into popular keywords, posts, topics, and search volume data. Carrying out competitive analysis and generating engaging content for your social media followers becomes more manageable with BuzzSumo.

The company offers ten free searches a month, and you can unlock more features and data by getting a paid plan that starts at $99/month.

Creating Native and Push Ads that Drive Clicks with Anstrex

Anstrex is a competitive intelligence tool that gives marketers access to ad data from 38 push ad networks and 27 native ad networks.

Sorting through this data is as simple as using the filters on top of the screen.


You can filter through the database of ads by affiliate network, platform, language, location, and also factors such as ad gravity, rank, and days running.

After setting the filters as you please, finding competitors is as simple as scrolling through the ads.


Clicking on an ad on Anstrex Native and Anstrex Push will offer you further insight into the ad campaign’s key data. You will be able to see its historical ranking data, the publishers of the ad, geographical data, and several other data points.


One of the best things about Anstrex Native is that it removes the need for you to try and replicate a successful landing page. To tap into your competitors’ audience, all you have to do is hit the “Download and Deploy” button underneath an ad.

Anstrex will then rip the landing page and save it. You can then navigate to the “Webpage Downloader” section from the menu on the top-right to find the landing pages you rip.

Changing the content and links on the landing page to meet your requirements becomes simple with the built-in landing page editor.


If you want to navigate through the noise effectively and reach audiences faster, Anstrex is a tool you must consider adding to your marketing toolkit.


Reliable lead generation tools can be hard to find in a market that’s flooded with seemingly perfect options. With all the top options reviewed, finding the right tool for your marketing approach should be as simple as taking a skim through the reviews.

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