10 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools You Need to Succeed in 2022 10 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools You Need to Succeed in 2022


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Are You Spying on Your Competitors' Ad Campaigns?

Our tools monitor millions of native, push, pop, and TikTok advertising campaigns.

As of 2019, 42% of businesses use native ads. It's apprehensible how tough it is for companies to stay competitive using native ads. However, creating effective native ads can be challenging because of poor operational efficiency and low data quality.

Since businesses don't have the luxury of sailing through smooth waters, you need the best tools by your side to maximize revenue streams and stay ahead in the market.

There are several intelligence tools to gain an edge in the current fast-moving business world.

Top 10 Best Competitive Intelligence Tools in 2022

These top CI tools offer great help to businesses trying to get an edge in the market competition. Also, you get to know more regarding your competitors, which helps in building a sound marketing plan.

#1 Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Dashboard

It goes without saying that SEO is a tricky procedure. The main reason is that there are several metrics to analyze and keep track of. Moreover, going back and forth between several pages can be time-consuming and monotonous.

In that case, Open SEO Stats offers fast and free snapshots of any competitor's domain without much hassle. Formerly known as PageRank Status, it shows the current SEO stats like page rank, Quantcast, Alexa, overview of backlink profiles of business websites.

With this Chrome Browser Extension, you will also find out the stats from Bing, Yahoo, and Amazon Alexa.

Open SEO Stats is a great tool to assess the website of a business competitor and find out how it stacks out next to your business. You will be able to gather lots of SEO data from any website on the internet.

Also, the plugin offers some amazing data like social media stats regarding webpage/website along with detailed SEO data like server details and number of backlinks, etc.

#2 BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Dashboard

Are you searching for the best engagement, content, and outreach opportunities for your marketing strategy? Try BuzzSumo. It's a cloud-based platform that helps users discover new media and promotion opportunities.

It helps accomplish all this by providing you with tools that monitor your business's reputation, competitor's brand, keywords, backlinks, and published content.

BuzzSumo is also known for conducting detailed analyses that show individual social network engagement, Facebook reactions, total engagement, the total number of links, evergreen scores, and other stats.

Furthermore, it identifies trends and patterns across the social networks and compares your performance with that of the competitors.

This software is ideal for marketers seeking quality content, data on what content is doing well, tracking media outlets and performance, and researching the influencers in the industry.

The main features of this software are Social Media Analysis, Content Monitoring, Backlink Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Tracking, Brand and Reputation Tracking, Media Tracking, and Opportunity Identification.

#3 Anstrex

Anstrex Dashboard

The term Anstrex is the short form of the three words: Analyze, Strategize, and Execute. It's a competitor spy ad tool that offers everything you may need to spy on your competitor's ad and take your ad campaign to a completely new level.

The suite of products offered by Anstrex is ideal for performance marketers and online advertisers as they get valuable data on the competitor's online advertising and marketing campaigns. In addition, Anstrex tracks thousands of publishers to offer a comprehensive idea on which target points give advertisers good results.

The unique features of this software, like advanced searching abilities with several boolean operators and filters, peerless statistical reporting, scraping any landing page, and other aspects can help users categorize any campaign based on traffic source.

What makes Anstrex stand out from the competition is its extended suite of features. In addition to offering native ad data from 27 ad networks, it also offers push ad data from 68 networks.

With the Push+Native plan, users get access to CPC bids history, helping them determine how much it may cost them to replicate a competitor's CPC ad strategy.

Anstrex is one of the most versatile competitive intelligence tools in the industry since it offers the Dropship tool in addition to its push and native products. It is a true competitive intelligence tool in the sense of the term.

Finding popular products that are flying off shelves is easy with the intuitive interface, range of filters and sorting options, and advanced Boolean searching.

If you are searching for an efficient tool for making informed decisions and growing your business, Anstrex is the best solution for you.

The tool gives you access to 15 million advertisements from more than 50k advertisers spread over 92 countries. It also has software that helps e-commerce and dropship store owners with inventory management, order fulfillment, and other processes.

#4 SEMrush

SEMRush Dashboard

One of the top reasons behind the high demand for SEMrush is it helps prospective customers find your business online. Considered as the most popular SEO tool in the market, this tool is ideal for improving your website ranks on Google's search engine results page.

Moreover, it improves the SEO results and enhances the website's performance simultaneously.

SEMrush is a powerful tool for developing creative and compelling PPC campaigns for your business. With this tool, choosing which keywords to bid on becomes easier. Also, you can evaluate competitors' ads to create engaging new ad texts and then allocate them to an existing keyword group.

SEMrush also offers ideas for pages that need optimization in technical SEO, backlink, content strategy, and suggestions about improving user experience. Top features of SEMrush include Keyword Research, Traffic Analysis, Position Tracker, Domain Overview, and Market Insights.

#5 SpyFu

SpyFu Dashboard

SpyFu is the best search marketing software that provides online marketers with tools and features that help them run online marketing campaigns in a cost-effective manner.

Basically, it spies on the competitor or monitors their behavior to help you identify the right keywords, content, and backlinks you need to target.

One of the biggest plus points of SpyFu is it assists you with Domain Search. Furthermore, it offers several monitoring tools to enhance and maintain an ad campaign.

Likewise, it removes the requirement for keyword search testing and provides several keyword management tools to run SEO, PPC, and keyword campaigns successfully.

SpyFu offers smart recommendations that help a business get clicks to the Adwords or SEO campaigns of the business.

Along with that, it identifies weak or improper keywords and removes them quickly. With this tool, marketers can receive the ideal keyword choices available.

#6 Similarweb

SimilarWeb Dashboard

The fundamental element of any sound marketing strategy is its competitive research work. This is where Similarweb comes in to provide you with data based on user engagement and searches to develop a data-driven and strategic marketing plan for your business.

The unique data provided by this tool is based on what the target audience is searching for, sheds light on digital trends, and shows referral traffic shares.

With Similarweb, you get access to the top traffic resources of your competitor that comprise social traffic, referring sites, top search keywords, and others.

In other words, Similarweb offers you the scope to know the top players in the industry, something that is valuable to anyone doing search engine optimization or content marketing.

Overall, the key data that Similarweb provides includes Traffic Overview, Total Visits, Engagement Metrics, Traffic Sources, Referrals, Top Referring Sites, Top Destination Sites, Audience Interests, Word Cloud, Competitors & Similar Sites, and others.

#7 WhatRunsWhere

WhatRunsWhere Dashboard

Helping online and mobile advertisers spend their resources intelligently is one of WhatRunsWhere's vision. The company operates in five markets and has been aiding advertisers in building successful ad campaigns since 2011.

WhatRunsWhere offers the basics: allowing you to see the top-performing competitors in your niche, helping you identify a winning campaign and improve your strategy, and finding new traffic sources so you can reach a larger audience.

But the tool also offers much more. WhatRunsWhere users get access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data from five of the world's largest ad networks. Users can set the tool up to alert them of new competitor strategies.

The data is laid out for you in a simple and straightforward manner, allowing you to find trends in desktop, mobile, and native ad channels. You can sort through competitor data by category, site, and network profile.

With WhatRunsWhere, you get access to an advertiser's top traffic sources, landing pages, ads, and data such as the ad networks a competitor uses.

With over 90,000 advertisers using WhatRunsWhere as their primary tool to aid their performance marketing efforts, it's a tool any marketer can trust.

#8 Ahrefs

Ahrefs Dashboard

Ahrefs is known as one of the most powerful SEO tools in the industry. Finding relevant stats such as a page's backlinks and organic traffic is as simple as entering the URL into the tool.

In addition to showing you all of the page's backlinks, the backlink checker tool comes loaded with sorting and filtering options. Some competitors have hundreds of thousands of backlinks, and going through all the data will be painstaking.

With Ahrefs, you get the option to look at just the pages with nofollow links, high URL ratings, educational links, etc.

You can also find key competitor data, such as the backlinks that have been newly added and the pages with the most backlink growth in the past 30 days.

Ahrefs also offers a helpful organic search tool with which you can find the best keywords to rank for. The organic search tool comes with the same impressive filters as the backlink analysis tool, enabling you to find the right keywords without much hassle.

Other tools such as the site audit tool and rank tracker make Ahrefs one of the best competitive intelligence tools in 2022.

#9 iSpionage

iSpionage is a tool that provides people with competitive intelligence and practical tips to enhance their PPC strategies. One of the biggest advantages of iSpionage is it's very easy to use.

Basically, it's a tool that spies on the business competitor and identifies which advertisement content, landing pages and search keywords are getting the target audience's attention.

It's this information that helps businesses, marketers, and consultants to get ahead in the competition. You can also gather important insights by letting websites take advantage of PPC research capability.

Consequently, users are able to develop effective marketing strategies to leave their competitors behind in the market.

The main features of iSpionage are SEO Keyword Lists, Top Keyword Search, Landing Page Gallery Access, Top Competitors Identification, Ads Grouping, Competitor PPC Budget, Monthly Ad Traffic Estimates, Keyword Alerts, Competitor Website Monitoring, and PPC Keyword Lists.

#10 Owletter

Owletter Dashboard

With Owletter, you get a competitive advantage of tracking all your competitors in one place. You will gain insight into their pros and cons, which you can use for creating an impactful marketing strategy.

Here, businesses can know the email marketing strategy of their competitors by leveraging the features of Owletter for strengthening their marketing approach.

Owletter offers data on every email sent out by your rival in the industry. Evaluating those emails with this tool's data gives you a competitive edge. The insight can also help you develop an email marketing strategy that's better than the competitor's strategy.

The top features of Owletter are 24/7 tracking of 10 websites, a one-month email summary, instant notification when a monitored website sends mail, all emails captured and available for the complete team, and competitor email analytics.

Conclusion: Which Competitive Intelligence Tool is Right for You?

Competitive intelligence tools have become essential for the growth and development of a business, but that's not the entire story. You will need to spend time to learn and master the tool you pick and use it consistently to see the results you want.

Anstrex can help you to spy top-performing native ads. You can take the ideas from their creatives, get different angles by reading the ad copy, find top-performing countries and landing pages by using different filters.

It's essential to use the right tools to gather beneficial insight so that you can learn how to stay ahead of your competitors in the long run. That said, there is no best competitive intelligence tool because their needs depend on several factors that influence the growth of a business model.

Nonetheless, with all the tools described above, it should be easy for you to choose the best based on your business requirements.

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