How To Make Money on TikTok in 2024 How To Make Money on TikTok in 2024


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Are you ready to turn your TikTok presence into a money-making machine in 2024? Buckle up, because this guide is going to reveal the three most lucrative strategies for monetizing TikTok accounts. What's really exciting is that the final method that will be introduced doesn't hinge on follower count or how many eyes are on the videos. In fact, some creators are raking in $10,000 monthly by simply resharing content already on the platform. And anyone can do the same, even if their niche is entirely different. All that is needed is to mimic their successful tactics, which will be spilled by the end of this post.

The Rise of the TikTok Creativity Beta Program

Let's dive in with the first method: the TikTok creativity beta program. This initiative is fresh and pays considerably more than its predecessor, the TikTok creator fund, which, as of this writing, is on its way out. This change is a blessing in disguise, as many had voiced concerns that joining the creator fund led to a reduced number of views—presumably because TikTok was hesitant to shell out cash. The beta program flips the script: more views for creators mean more ad revenue for TikTok and, in turn, a heftier payout. Creators in this program have reported up to a fivefold increase in engagement.

TikTok Beta Creativity Program 2024

Eligibility for the Beta Program

Now, to unlock access to the TikTok Creativity Beta Program, an account must hit two key performance indicators:

  • A following of at least 10,000 is needed.
  • Content should amass 100,000 views in the past 30 days.

If both boxes are ticked, congratulations! Eligibility is met to sign up for the program and stand to make thousands for every million views garnered.

To ensure payment, content must be:

  • At least 60 seconds long
  • Original (no ads, sponsored content, duets, or stitches)

This strategic shift towards one-minute videos correlates with an uptick in engagement since people are interacting more with longer-form content.

Monetizing with TikTok Shop

Moving on to method number two: TikTok Shop. If browsing through TikTok lately, posts with an "eligible for commission" tag have probably been stumbled across. There's a potent reason behind this push: TikTok is betting big on commerce and content that will boost their profits. Long story short, they're giving priority to elongated content and shoppable ads. But let's talk about the nuts and bolts before diving headfirst into TikTok Shop.

Monetizing with TikTok Shop

Gearing Up for TikTok Shop Success

Ensure selecting products that are buzzing with popularity. The potential visibility and sales of content directly depend on the trendiness of the product being showcased. Experiment with searches like "trending on TikTok shop" to discover what's hot.

The key to TikTok Shop success lies in aligning content with what's trending. Forget about being a pioneer; focus on riding the wave at its peak for maximum returns.

Additionally, the For You Page can be tailored to predominantly display commission-eligible posts—and that's exactly what should be echoed in content. Once a winner is found, keep focus there until the trend cools off before hunting down the next must-have item. This tactic is all about timing: be smack dab in the trend's sweet spot

If eager to get a headstart, check these products currently making waves:

Explore these or find a perfect match that resonates with a niche. Remember, the trendier the product, the heftier TikTok Shop earnings will be.

The Ultimate Monetization Hack: Niche Services and Affiliates

Lastly, the gold mine of TikTok monetization that is making people in the previously mentioned programs green with envy will be unveiled. It involves choosing a niche and offering tailored solutions—just like the creators who pocket hundreds, if not thousands, by plugging credit card deals or selling consulting services.

This approach capitalizes on solving specific audience needs, which could very well apply to any niche too. If there's demand, be the supplier—through partnerships or affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing on TikTok: A Real-Life Money Printer

Consider this: an audience is likely already purchasing certain products or services. By becoming an affiliate and promoting those items, significant commissions can be earned. Focus on products with an affiliate program, or even better, offer a product or service with a recurring revenue model. Keep solving problems, and not only will audience's lives be enriched but consistent growth in views, followers, and wallets will also be seen.

Unable to Monetize? Here's Why.

At this point, if monetization isn't happening, it's either because these methods haven't been employed or views and followers aren't sufficient. Good news—growth on TikTok can be helped. A mentorship program has a proven track record of participants growing by tens of thousands of followers. It's simple: follow guidance on posting strategies, hashtag use, and timing, and growth is guaranteed—or money back, no questions asked.

A Special Offer Wrapped in Confidence

If interested in expanding TikTok horizons, our TikTok Ad Spy Tool is available to explore. With an average ROI increase of 40% or more on your TikTok ad spend, it's a path well-trodden with success stories. Sign up to take the first step towards TikTok fame.

Thank you for the read, and here's to upcoming TikTok success stories.

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