Successful TikTok Ads and What You Can Learn from Them Successful TikTok Ads and What You Can Learn from Them


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Are You Spying on Your Competitors' Ad Campaigns?

Our tools monitor millions of native, push, pop, and TikTok advertising campaigns.

If you're keen on capitalizing on TikTok to boost your earnings and success, it's crucial to examine what others are promoting. Before you dive into digital marketing, affiliate marketing, or your dropshipping business using TikTok Ads, take a moment to study the most successful ads on this famous social network.

Understanding these ads can provide valuable insights into effective strategies and popular trends.

We've consolidated several of the top-performing TikTok ads right here for your convenience, offering you a shortcut to learning from the best in the field.

Of course, we'll be skipping ads from famous personalities or well-known brands. After all, they won't do you any good as they are already using multiple platforms to promote themselves, and not just TikTok advertising alone.

We'll focus on e-commerce and mobile app ads that have seen success, even when the advertiser or brand is not popular. This gives you the assurance that even you, an ordinary marketer, can succeed in this space.

Let's get started then!

Top Ads on TikTok

To make it easier for you, we've organized the ads based on interest or category. We'll also provide a bit of insight into why we think the ad succeeded.

Phone Accessories

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a phone case or a power bank can make such a massive impact on TikTok? It's almost like phone accessories have become an essential part of our digital and physical identities these days. This sector has been booming, thanks to creative and relatable TikTok ads that have been hitting the nail on the head!

TikTok advertisers have been cleverly using the power of storytelling, humor, and even a dash of suspense to promote these must-have products. And boy, is it working!

Privacy Case Ad

An exemplary ad that made waves in the phone accessories category is the privacy case ad below. This unique phone case features a screen that only allows visibility when looked at directly, thus preventing prying eyes from viewing your screen. The ad brilliantly focused on a pressing issue that most people can relate to — privacy.

In the ad, a user-generated video shows a person typing a private message on their phone while sitting in a public place. This ad struck a chord with viewers as it effectively demonstrated a common pain point of privacy being breached in public spaces.

The relatability and direct demonstration of the product's value proposition made the ad immensely successful and stood as a testament to the power of user-generated content in advertising.

Unique Power Banks

The era of generic power banks is decidedly over. TikTok users today are drawn to power banks that offer a unique twist and stand out from the crowd. Unlike traditional power banks, these innovative products offer additional features or aesthetically pleasing designs that resonate with the TikTok demographic.

A prime example of such a successful ad campaign is for a power bank that doubles as a compact mirror — a perfect blend of functionality and style. This clever twist caught the viewers off guard and made them more interested in the product.

Another would be powerbanks the size of keychains, like the ad below.

Novelty Items

Novelty items, often characterized by their unique, quirky, or amusing nature, are products designed less for practical use and more for their entertainment value or novelty factor. These items typically include novelty toys, quirky gadgets, humorous books and clothing, or unusual decorative items.

Despite their minimal utility, novelty items have a unique ability to attract consumer attention. The allure lies primarily in their distinctive, out-of-the-ordinary characteristics, which often provoke curiosity and amusement.

This emotional engagement can create a strong impulse to buy, often overriding rational considerations about the item's practicality or necessity.

Here are the top TikTok Ads that are of novelty items:

Moreover, novelty items often tap into the desire for self-expression or individualism. Owning an item that is unusual or humorous can convey a sense of personality, setting the owner apart from the crowd.

The capacity of novelty items to create social currency, through shared jokes or points of conversation, can further enhance their appeal.

Novelty items often appeal to the delight in surprise or the unexpected. As such, they are frequently purchased as gifts, capitalizing on the recipient's surprise and enjoyment of something unusual or fun.

Ads of novelty items that are being marketed as gifts sometimes include the words "tag someone you think will like this" or "can you think of anyone who will like this?", something similar.

Lastly, the appeal of being able to take your own videos and share them to your TikTok page (and hopefully generate views and hearts) wins people over.

Beauty Products

Beauty products claim a significant stake in the realm of TikTok advertising, unsurprisingly securing a spot in our top list of successful TikTok in-stream ads. Makeup products, moisturizers, serums, hair care items, teeth whitening products — you name it, TikTok has it.

Advertisers ingeniously leverage TikTok's user-friendly platform to showcase these beauty essentials in a vibrant, appealing manner. They harness the power of engaging demonstrations and testimonials to illustrate the transformational effects of these products.

A swipe of lipstick, a spritz of serum, a dash of hair care formula, or a touch of teeth whitener can significantly enhance one's appearance, and TikTok ads brilliantly convey this potential to viewers.

Ads that depict actual usage or actual reviews make the videos more convincing. They even have an element of "shareability" — that's how creative these advertisers are when it comes to promoting beauty products.

As a result, beauty products continue to dominate the TikTok advertising space, resonating with users and driving impressive sales. So, it's not surprising that the most viewed ads in TikTok come from this category.

Home and Living

The pandemic, as we know, has dramatically reshaped our lives, with one significant consequence being our heightened focus on our homes. This increased attention to our living spaces has fueled a surge in home and living ads that has not only sustained throughout the pandemic but continues to thrive even several years beyond it.

Baby and Toddler Stuff

There's the baby and toddler item ads that have taken the TikTok world by storm. From the most innovative toys that keep the little ones engaged, to the most practical products that make parental duties a breeze, these ads have captured the attention of millennial adults transitioning to parenthood.

Home Design

Wall designs and stickers have also been a hot topic on the platform. These ads show how simple it is to transform a bare wall into a piece of art, making everyone's Pinterest dreams come true. It's not just about aesthetics either, but also about creating a space that feels genuinely personal and distinct.

LED strip lights are another big hit. Their flexibility and diversity in application make them a favorite, whether it's for creating a cozy reading nook, setting a vibrant party mood, or just adding a touch of personality to a space.

Pet Stuff

And we can't forget about our furry friends! Pet-related items have seen a significant boost, from the cutest toys that keep our pets entertained, to practical solutions that make pet care easier. Gen Z and Millennial professionals, who form a significant portion of pet parents, are drawn to these ads like catnip.

And the best thing about promoting pet stuff, even pet food, is that even the biggest brands have affiliate programs! Yes, you don't have to be an influencer, you just have to be an affiliate that uses TikTok Ads to promote these brands effectively, just like our example below:

So, whether it's creating the perfect environment for your child, beautifying your walls, setting the right mood with lights, or spoiling your pets, TikTok's home and living ads have you covered. The platform has successfully become a hub for showcasing and discovering the best products that enhance our living spaces and cater to our changing needs.

One important tip: we've found that the best ads for the Home and Living category are usually the ones targeting the 25 to 35 and 35 to 45 age brackets.

Mobile Games

In the era of social media, platforms like TikTok have become our go-to for a quick boredom fix. But why stop at just watching?

Ads are now reminding us that we can step up our entertainment game (literally!), with a world of mobile games just a tap away. The promise of immersive, engaging gameplay is a winner in capturing our fleeting TikTok attention spans.

Among the top performers in the realm mobile gaming ads are those featuring someone engrossed in a game on their phone (even when it's just their hands being shown).

There's something inherently captivating about watching someone else play a game, especially when they're tackling a challenging level or achieving a new high score. It's a brilliant ad strategy - you get a sneak peek into the real gameplay, and the next thing you know, you're downloading the game!

Noticeably, puzzle game ads have been nailing this strategy. The appeal is clear - our love for a good challenge mixed with a dash of competition. Watching a puzzle being solved, piece by piece, in a TikTok ad, triggers our curiosity.

We're left thinking, "Hey, I can do that too - and maybe even better!" And just like that, we're hooked.


App advertisements are among the highest-performing categories today, largely due to their vivid portrayal of real-life scenarios.

Rather than merely listing features and benefits, these ads showcase when and how real people might use the apps in their daily lives, generating a sense of authenticity and relatability. These relatable situations often spark users' curiosity, leading to higher engagement and potential downloads.

Health and wellness apps, such as those focused on sleep management, mood tracking, and exercise routines, are particularly popular today. These apps cater to the increasing awareness and importance of mental and physical health in our fast-paced world. The ads frequently depict people using these apps to enhance their quality of life, highlighting the tangible benefits they offer.

Dating and social apps represent another top-performing category. People are always seeking connections and interactions, and these apps provide an easily accessible platform to meet new people. Ads for these apps often show fun and engaging social scenarios, making the idea of joining these platforms all the more appealing.

Dating and social app advertisements on TikTok work exceptionally well, largely due to their strategic approach of showcasing individuals who directly represent the ad's target demographic.

These ads commonly feature scenes where users of the same age group (for instance) are actively engaging in the app's features, creating a sense of identification and resonance for viewers within the same demographic.

This relatability factor is amplified when these ads depict relatable situations or experiences, further connecting with the potential user on a personal level. The viewers, seeing themselves mirrored in the ads, are therefore more likely to be intrigued and enticed to try out the app, contributing to the high performance of these advertisements.

Other popular app categories include utility apps, video editing apps, food and recipe apps, among others. Ads for these apps work well because they strut the apps' features in real, practical scenarios, helping potential users to visualize how these apps can seamlessly fit into their lifestyle and fulfill their specific needs.

How to Search for Top TikTok Ads and Products in Anstrex

Research plays a crucial role in successful marketing. It uncovers valuable insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and impactful advertisements, empowering businesses to fine-tune their strategies.

One of the tools that have emerged pivotal in this quest for actionable intelligence is Anstrex In-Stream Ads. It offers a window into the winning ads on TikTok.

To begin your journey with Anstrex, start by registering an account here. While we have a free plan, it yields limited results. You'll also miss out on the advanced search feature — a virtual goldmine for marketers, especially when searching for ads under specific niches. Therefore, opting for a premium plan is a strategic move to unlock its full potential.

With a premium plan in place, you're now ready to dive into the world of top-performing TikTok ads.

Navigating the Anstrex In-Stream Ads tool is a breeze once you understand its user-friendly interface. When you log in, you'll land on your dashboard, where the "Top Creatives" tab is the default view.

This is where you can discover the best-performing ads. Here's how:

1. Sorting Ads

You can arrange the ads according to various metrics. These include the highest engagement (measured by likes, views, shares, and comments), most likes, most views, popularity, and longevity. Sorting in descending order will display the top performers from all categories.

2. Searching Ads

The search function is a powerful feature that lets you find ads based on specific criteria. You can look for ads using keywords found in the creative text, target age range, interests, e-commerce platforms, and information about the landing page such as domain, text, and URL. You can also search based on likes, popularity, device operating system, and more.

3. Advanced Filtering

For even more precise results, the advanced filter allows you to combine different search filters using Boolean logic (And/Or). This way, you can conduct complex searches that take into account various factors simultaneously.

4. Sorting Results

On the same advanced search tool, you can sort your results in ascending or descending order based on the same metrics used for sorting: highest engagement (likes, views, shares, and comments), most likes, most views, popularity, and longest-running ads. We recommend in descending order so that you'll see the best ones at the top.

This search strategy is best used by those who don't have specific products or apps in mind. If you're in the e-commerce business, you can search for the best ads and then simply look for dropship products that correspond to this ad. That's a quick and easy success, guaranteed.

Another important tip: use hashtags when searching for specific products. If you are an affiliate of a popular brand, chances are other advertisers use the product name as hashtag as required by the advertiser, so that makes researching great performing ads easier!

Discovering Top Ads Based on Your Chosen Products

If you want to explore the best-performing ads based on specific products, you can go to the Top Products tab. Here's a simplified guide on how to navigate this feature:

1. Accessing the Top Products Tab

From your dashboard, locate and click on the 'Top Products' tab. This will take you to a page showcasing the best-performing products.

2. Sorting Products

Just like in the 'Top Creatives' section, you can sort the products based on highest engagement (likes, views, shares, comments), most likes, most views, and most popular. There are a couple more sorting options, but these are the ones we believe will yield the top TikTok Ads.

3. Use Advanced Search Filter
The advanced search filter in the Anstrex In-Stream Ads tool can help marketers find top ads for specific products. Just enter the product title or description, then sort by engagements, views, likes, popularity, or number of ads. You can also use 'And' or 'Or' functions to combine different criteria and get more precise results.

4. Exploring Individual Products

Once results show up, you can delve deeper into a specific product, by clicking on it. This will open a pop-up page dedicated to that product.

Let's say, for example, you want to promote the glass ball lamp, as shown below (which is a dropship product, I must add):

5. Visiting the Ads Tab

Once you're on the product's page, look for the 'Ads' tab and click on it. Here, you'll see all the ads promoting that particular product.

This is a valuable resource to understand how other businesses are advertising the same product and gain insights that you can incorporate into your own strategy.

And that's it! Finding the best ads for items you want to promote is a breeze with this strategy.

Wrapping Up!

Alright, so there you have it, peeps! We've just taken a deep dive into the world of TikTok ads with this top list. This piece is the ultimate guide to understanding how e-commerce products and affiliate mobile apps are absolutely crushing it on TikTok.

It's all about grabbing attention in those first few seconds and keeping it!

And let's not forget, it's not just about making your ad look cool. It's about understanding the TikTok vibe and making sure your ad resonates with the platform's users.

So, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, keep pushing those boundaries, stay innovative, and most importantly, make sure your ads are as fun and engaging as the platform they're on.

TikTok's not just a trend, it's the future of advertising. So get on board, start experimenting, and let's make some killer ads!

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