The NEW Way to Run TikTok Ads in 2024 The NEW Way to Run TikTok Ads in 2024


A Practical Guide to Boosting Your Sales

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Welcome to today's deep dive into the world of TikTok advertising! For those who have been scratching their heads trying to figure out the secret sauce behind generating major revenue with TikTok ads, this is the right place to be. Using the approach described in this article, over $74K revenue was achieved just this month. Not bad, right? So let's talk sales, net profits, margins, and how to replicate that success for your own store.

The Starting Line: Making Sense of Profits and Losses

Let's rewind a bit. On the day this article was written, sales hit the $700 mark. Sounds pretty good, but what did it look like after shipping costs and ad expenses? There was a $2K profit that day with a satisfying 28% profit margin. Now, that's just a single day's work. Zoom out to the entire month of September, and the store brought in two thousand orders and $74K in revenue. After all the necessary deductions, $22K net profit sat in the bank. And that was only over eleven days!

22k Earnings

But enough about one store's success. You likely came here to learn how to achieve similar results for your own business, which is what this article aims to share. Let's pretend there's a brand new store that just started, with two orders so far today totaling $64 in revenue. It's ripe for the scaling strategy that will now be unveiled.

Setting Up Your TikTok Ad Campaign

First, in the TikTok ads manager, a campaign is created and labeled "CBO Scale." Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) is enabled and the daily budget is set to $100. Website conversions are the optimization goal.

For targeting, parameters like country, age, and gender should match the product. No interest targeting is used here in order to cast a wide net.

The campaign is scheduled strategically, from 8 AM to midnight, when the target audience is most active on the platform.

Campaign Budget Optimization

The ad group names are kept simple, like "Open 1." Only the TikTok placement is selected to keep the focus narrow. Comments, downloading, and sharing are disabled.

Ad Group Settings

Only videos that were profitable during initial testing should be used in the ads. The next step is replicating this ad group four times to have five pristine groups ready to launch at midnight.

Day Two: The Art of Doubling Down

Fast forward to 2 PM the next day, and revenue has already hit $229 with six orders. For every three sales, the strategy is to double the daily budget. So in this case, the budget went from $100 to $250. With another three orders showing continued profitability, it's time to increase to $500. This pattern can potentially lead to hitting $1000 in revenue that day.

By 8 PM, $650 in total ad spend fuels the push towards the typical $2000 budget ceiling. At this point, TikTok tracked 41 purchases but actual records showed 44, totaling $1700 in sales. After costs, $588 in net profit remained, a solid 33% margin.

Scaling Factor: Multiplying CBO Campaigns

The key to major scaling lies in running multiple CBO campaigns simultaneously. This example started with just one, but why not two, three, ten? That's the ticket to rapidly multiplying daily revenue potential.

Pro tip: Keep ads active around the clock. Reset each CBO to $100 daily budget at midnight, then repeat the doubling strategy for every three new sales.

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The bottom line: What starts small today can snowball into an avalanche of sales tomorrow. Keep learning, keep testing, keep optimizing, and keep reaching for the next big TikTok ad achievement.

Here's to your next triumph with TikTok ads!

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