Want to Try Push Ads? Join These top Push Notifications Traffic… Want to Try Push Ads? Join These top Push Notifications Traffic Providers


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Push ads are gaining traction all around the world. If youhaven’t tried this traffic source, you are surely missing out on a lot. And whynot? It is a very attractive traffic source because your ad is shown directlyto the user , with no intermediaries. You can also be assured that the clicksyou receive are 99.99% human users . If these characteristics sound appealing toyou, then you better start opening advertising account in these platforms.

Top 7 Sources of Push Notification Traffic

There are many push ads traffic providers out there, nowthat it’s a lucrative traffic source. But not all providers are made equal. Ifyou’re looking for reliable ones, here are our top recommendations:

1. Propeller Ads

This provider has been popular for its pops and interstitial ads. In the past few months, they have added push ads and native ads in their arsenal. Propeller Ads offers two types of push ads traffic: Premium and All Traffic.

Premium traffic refers to push notifications originating from top quality websites in their inventory. The audience in this group is highly active. This also means you would need to bid higher to get enough traffic.

All Traffic is a mix of premium traffic, direct traffic and brokered traffic. Your bid here need not be as high.

2. Zeropark Push

Zeropark has been popular for years for providing pop and redirect traffic. They are now dabbling with push, and they have a huge inventory for this traffic type as well.

Getting accepted in this provider is easy, just be forthright with your answers during registration. The minimum funding amount is $200. If you plan to use Paypal to fund your account, make sure to use your Paypal email upon registration, else the funding will be rejected.

3. RTX Platform Push

Another PPV provider, RTX Platform now also push traffic. The best thing about using RTX is that they have category targeting. They have 11 options for you to choose from, and these are:

  • Business and Finance
  • Dating
  • Downloads
  • E-commerce
  • Freebies and Contests
  • Gambling
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Insurance
  • Training and Education
  • Adult and Mature
  • Other

You can promote adult offers here, just make sure you choose the Adult & Mature subcategory, or your campaign will be rejected.

They also have the option to target users based on Subscription Age. If you believe the newer or older users work best for your offer, you are free to target whichever.

4. MGID Push

MGID is a well-known native ads traffic provider. They have added push traffic just a few months back. MGID shares subscriber base with other push providers, which is why they have a lot of volume as well. The best thing about using MGID, though, is that they have user capping which prevents the platform from showing your ads to the same people. With MGID, you can be confident that your push ads are shown to unique users.

5. DatsPush

Say goodbye to the learning curve when it comes to creating a push ad, as DatsPush makes everything simple and easy for you. Newbies will love this provider since DatsPush’s dashboard is direct to the point, making campaign creation and reports viewing very easy.

They also have a low minimum deposit of only $50. They accept ePayments, WebMoney and Paypal for deposits.

6. RichPush

RichPush is among the first platforms to offer push traffic. They pride themselves in having more than 400 Million subscribers worldwide, with 2 Billion push ad impressions per day. Their minimum cost per click is $0.003 – low enough for you to test whether a specific geo works for your offer or not.

7. MegaPush

MegaPu.sh is the biggest push notifications traffic provider today. They were the first one in the industry and boasts of 450 Million active users with five billion daily impressions. The minimum bid per click is $0.001, which is the lowest offered anywhere. There is a multitude of ways to fund your account, which includes ePayment, Paypal, WebMoney, and even Bitcoin. Minimum deposit amount is $100.

Bonus Push Ads Network: Adsterra

Most of the providers above don’t accept adult ads. If you are looking for a push traffic provider that allows adult offers, Adsterra is where you should start. They even accept images and words that are really adult in nature.

In conclusion, whichever platform you choose, make sure to follow the rules and regulations in creating push ads campaigns. Follow the best practices for push notifications, check out what the competition is doing, and you are sure to reap the rewards!

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