Who are Top Advertisers and Publishers on Adskeeper? Who are Top Advertisers and Publishers on Adskeeper?


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Adskeeper, which started as a native ad recommendation engine in 2013 for betting and gambling niches, has truly become a global company with traffic available from almost every country. It is closely tied with Ukraine based MGID in terms of its ad serving technology and publisher footprints. Since 2015, the company has expaned into multiple niches ranging from news/media, filesharing to online streaming sites. Currently it serves over 5 billion impressions daily reaching 20 million+ unique users. The company is based out of Hong Kong in contrast to the domain name which represents the United Kingdom specific TLD (adskeeper.co.uk)

In terms of growth, Adskeeper has been seeing massive growth in recent years. Please take a look at the recent stats for Adskeeper as measured by us and several third party resources.

Adskeeper Traffic Analytics

As shown below, you will find some important statistics from Adskeeper native ad widgets. As you can see from the monthly volume charts, the network offers broad ranging traffic from tens of thousands of publisher sites from all over the world.

The global reach pie chart clearly shows that the traffic is truly global with traffic from virtually every country of the world.

The doughnut chart shows the traffic distribution between desktop and mobile devices and as expected more than 90% of traffic is generated via mobile devices. This trend is consistent with most major native ad networks as mobile devices have outranked desktop based PCs in terms of its usage.

Adskeeper Advertisers and Publishers

Significant number of Adskeeper publishers fall into one of the following categories

  • Online movie streaming
  • URL shortener sites
  • File sharing platforms
  • Gambling
  • Animations and Comics

Unfortunately, for such publishers it is very difficult to segment visitors based on their specific interests. Therefore, products that appeal to mass audience (such as dating, gaming, health, crypto etc.) appear to do well on this network

Here are the top advertisers and publishers for Adskeeper:

Top Adskeeper Publishers

Publisher NameCategoryTraffic
tubidy.mobiArts & Entertainment15%
truyenfull.vnArts & Entertainment10%
manganeloAnimations & Comics7%
tamildhool.netArts & Entertainment4%

Top Adskeeper Advertisers

Advertiser NameCategoryTraffic
newsrank.ruNews and Media8%

Adskeeper CPC Bids and Technical Specifications

The minimum CPC bids on Adskeeper for many tier 3 countries stand at a fraction of a penny. However for tier 2 and tier 1 countries the the minimum bids are at $0.01. For getting high traffic volume from tier 1 countries, expect to pay $0.15+ per click.

Here are some important specifications:

mage Size492x328 pixels
Max Headline Characters65 characters
Max Description Characters250 characters
Max Recommended CPC Start Desktop$0.05
Max Recommended CPC Start Mobile$0.03
Max Recommended CPC Start Tablet$0.04
Minimum Budget$200
Location Targeting:Country
Device TargetingDesktop, Tablet (Android, iOS, Windows), Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows)
Maximum Ads Approved40-50 Ads Per Account (No more than 10-15 ads per URL)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images)Allowed

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