Who are Top Advertisers and Publishers on Colombia? Who are Top Advertisers and Publishers on Colombia?


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Colombia is regional native ad-network that targets Indian audience not just from India but other parts of the world as well. It has several leading Indian news and entertainment sites as a part of its' publisher network. It has ability to target over 400 million unique users from various parts of India and the world.
For advertisers, Colombia offers several unique features such as

  • Ad Server
  • Machine Learning Optimization Platform
  • Audience Platform (DMP, data exchange)
  • Mediation layer (mini SSP, s2s programmatic)
  • Billing and Revenue Automation (Expresso)
  • Content Personalization Engine
    Self Service Portal

It is also integrated with various other demand partners such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Criteo, Outbrain, Revcontent etc.

Colombia Traffic Analytics

Presented below are some important statistics from Colombia native advertising widgets. As you can see from the monthly volume charts, the network offers significant amount of traffic from tens of thousands of quality publishers located in India.

The traffic is mostly from India. However, an advertiser can expect some targeted traffic volume from people of Indian origin located across the globe especially from US, UK and Canada. In short, this is a great traffic source for marketers who want to buy quality traffic from various regions of India and several other countries with significant population of people of Indian origin.

The doughnut chart shows the traffic distribution between desktop and mobile devices and as expected almost entire traffic is originating from mobile devices. This is a typical for South Asia and other developing countries across the globe which have seen huge penetration of smart mobile devices and had never seen widespread usage of desktop computer unlike developed countries in North America and European Union.

Colombia Advertisers and Publishers

Colombia has some high quality News/Entertainment/Sports sites as their publishers. Therefore as an advertiser you are able to to target the audience by their interest depending on which section of the media/news site the visitor is viewing. In addition, you also will have access to several non-English regional news sites which allow you to obtain highly targeted traffic from specific regions of India.

In addition, you can target by geo, device and specific publishers as well.

Considering the nature of the publishers, advertisers focused on content marketing usually thrive on Colombia. In addition, you see advertisers promoting gaming, health and beauty products, financial products, physical products and mobile apps on Colombia. For the best ROI, however, the pre-sale landing page needs to be rich in content.

Here are the top advertisers and publishers for Colombia:

Top Colombia Publishers

Publisher NameCategoryTraffic

Top Colombia Advertisers

Advertiser NameCategoryTraffic
moneydrom.comBusiness Opportunity5%
satyagroups.inReal Estate4%

Colombia CPC Bids & Technical Specifications

The minimum cpc bids on Colombia is at $0.03 However, you will not be able to get much traffic at these rates especially from tier 1 and tier 2 countries. Expect the bids to be in $0.1 to $0.5 per click depending on your target.

Here are detailed important specifications:

Recommended Image Size1200x960 pixels
Title Length45 characters
Recommended Min CPC Desktop$0.05
Recommended Min CPC Mobile$0.03
Minimum Budget$100
Location Targeting:Country, State, City (India)
Device TargetingDesktop, Tablet, Smartphone
Maximum Ads Approved40-50 ads per account per day (No more than 10-15 ads per URL)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images)Allowed
Call To ActionAllowed (Predefined)

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