15 best affiliate marketing programs to Promote Your Product 15 best affiliate marketing programs to Promote Your Product


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To many eCommerce business owners, setting up a website to sell products begins to seem like the easy part until they discover the challenges of moving their stock.

For this reason, finding the right affiliate network is essential to building a successful online business. You will meet motivated affiliates on affiliate directories that will help sell your products across the internet using paid ads, blog posts, social media posts, and landing pages.

But finding the right affiliate directory to start an affiliate program and get professionals to promote your products can be challenging. While there is no shortage of directories on the internet, some directories are less trustworthy than others.

There’s also a simple way to boost your product’s sales yourself without spending much time or money.

We discuss that and review the 15 best affiliate marketing networks to put your products on in this post. You will find many of these affiliate networks in our spy tools.

15 Best Affiliate Directories to Promote Your Product


PayDotCom connects vendors like you to affiliates worldwide that will sell your products for a fair commission. The platform boasts a premium, all-in-one shopping cart and a convenient-to-use affiliate management portal. Affiliates can look for products in different niches using the built-in marketplace.

The website is commonly used by small- and medium-sized businesses to increase their reach and sales. PayDotCom is not a new affiliate network – it’s been in the industry since 2005, when it was founded by Mike Filsaime.

You can pay your affiliate between 5% and 85% commission on your products. The large commission range allows businesses in all niches with all kinds of margin percentages to increase their sales using the directory.

#2 Awin


Awin boasts an easy-to-use interface and has a large number of affiliates that vendors can work with. Furthermore, it offers prompt and helpful support to both affiliates and vendors.

But the best features are the click tracing and tracking features and the reports and analytics. Tracking and monitoring campaigns in real-time become a breeze with Awin, and vendors can use the insights from this data to optimize their approach as they go.

It’s important to note that you will need to deposit £5 to verify your bank account before you can use your account. Once you reach the required payment threshold, the amount will be reimbursed to your publisher account. Other than this fee, the platform is completely free to use.

#3 JVZoo


JVZoo entered the market in 2011 when the digital marketing space lacked platforms that connect affiliates to vendors reliably. The company has since grown to foster over 800,000 of the world’s best affiliate marketers.

One of the best things about JVZoo is that both affiliates and publishers can join for free. Unlike Awin, there is no joining deposit.

Furthermore, signing up to use the platform is also easy. All you have to do is complete the four required steps and provide the information JVZoo asks for. You can then verify your email and begin using your platform.

#4 ShareASale


With over 20 years of connecting affiliates to vendors in the industry, ShareASale is a household name. If you’re looking for uncompromising affiliates to promote your products, this may be the right platform to sign up on.

While ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks, the interface is surprisingly minimalistic and dated-looking, though functional.

But what’s impressive about ShareASale is the support offered to publishers. The customer support team is prompt, and the knowledge base is loaded with posts that may help you solve your issue.

#5 Rakuten Advertising


What is now Rakuten Advertising started as “Linkshare” in the earliest days of affiliate marketing in 1996. Linkshare was acquired by Rakuten in 2005 and renamed. It is among the most trusted affiliate directories on the internet.

Signing up is easy, and you only need to fill up a one-page form. However, you will need to wait for up to five business days for the company to review your application and approve your account.

Another pet peeve of ours is the dated-looking interface. For what it’s worth, the interface provides relatively easy access to all features, leaving us little to complain about.

The large help center, fast customer support team, and international chat and email support make it an affiliate directory you can trust. Phone support is available to customers in the UK, Canada, and the US.

#6 CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)


Founded in 1998, CJ is another affiliate network that has established itself as trustworthy among digital marketers. To sign up, you will need to provide your basic information, including payment and company details.

The dashboard interface stands out as neat and organized, and the menus are easy to navigate. Most of the features you will use are found under the menus on the top of the interface.

CJ provides affiliates with a variety of options when it comes to ad placement, which explains why it is the go-to option for many.

#7 ClickBank


Founded in 1998, ClickBank is among the oldest affiliate networks in the digital marketing space. The network has over 100,000 active affiliate marketers, making it a gold mine for promoting both digital and physical products.

The signup process is short, and the new interface is easy to use. While the dashboard won’t sweep you off your feet with its simplicity, finding and using features won’t be complicated.

The site’s knowledge base is comprehensive and answers all the questions a new user may have about the platform. Users can also access “ClickBank University” – a paid program for advertisers. However, the customer support is fairly limited, with the company only providing support over email.

#8 Affiliate Seeking


Affiliate Seeking is a free-to-use network that functions like a forum, allowing vendors to create all kinds of affiliate programs and connect to interested affiliates.

Creating an account is not enough to enlist your program on the platform. You will need to post a link to the affiliate seeking website on whatever page your affiliate program’s information is on your website.

There are also some limitations on the kinds of programs you can post on the platform. But overall, using affiliate seeking is a great way to connect with affiliates that know what they’re doing.

#9 FlexOffers


While not the oldest affiliate directory on this list, founded in 2008, FlexOffers has established itself as the go-to directory for many.

Signing up is a four-step process that will take 15 minutes and require you to fill in all the details about your business. While the interface isn’t complicated, some find the color scheme and the excessive use of thumbnails a little off-putting.

But the disadvantage with FlexOffers is that the knowledge base barely has any helpful articles. However, the company allows you to search through resolved tickets and find possible solutions to your problem. Support requests are responded to within 24 hours.

#10 AvantLink


AvantLink has earned a name for itself in the digital marketing space over the ten years it has been part of it. The company is based out of Park City, Utah, and aims to provide affiliate marketing technology to merchants and affiliates.

Creating an account can be challenging since the company asks for a lot of information right away. Only 30% of affiliates that apply are approved, which shows the company’s dedication to keeping the marketplace reserved for the best.

The simple, modern interface is easy to navigate, and the company provides affiliates with tools such as the affiliate link encoder to make marketing a tad bit easier.

#11 PartnerStack


PartnerStack is a premium partner relationship management platform that enables product sellers to connect with the right affiliate marketers for their niche. It’s specifically designed to help SaaS businesses expand their customer bases.

The sales, marketing, and account features are especially useful for B2B businesses promoting their software product.

Features such as automatic affiliate payment, the PartnerStack API, access to customer success managers, and the neat interface make it an affiliate network every proprietor should sign up on.

#12 FirstPromoter


Using affiliate marketing to increase the sales of a SaaS product is one of the most effective marketing tactics you could apply (email marketing is up there, too). But pulling off finding the right affiliates, managing your campaign, and handling payouts can get taxing fast if you’re not using the right tool.

FirstPromotor offers features such as charge-back tracking, automatic commission approval, analytics and reporting, and automatic refund features that make managing sales and marketing straightforward.

#13 LinkMink


One of the best things about LinkMink is its 15-minute setup process. SaaS product owners can connect to Stripe in two clicks and paste the required bits of code on their website and Stripe to begin using the marketing tool.

The large network of motivated affiliates on LinkMink understands that it takes reliable partnerships to grow any business. If you’re looking to scale your SaaS business, LinkMink may be the exact sales and affiliate marketing tool you’re looking for.

#14 GetAmbassador


GetAmbassador was founded in 2010 and has established itself as one of the leading affiliate networks in the digital marketing space. The loaded feature suite enables sellers to quickly identify, enroll, track, and reward affiliates.

The clean and intuitive interface makes it one of the easiest affiliate directories to navigate through. Furthermore, you can integrate the platform into your existing campaigns and connect tools like Salesforce, MailChimp, Stripe, and HubSpot with ease.

If tapping into a large network of affiliates is the right move for your business, consider signing up on GetAmbassador.

#15 Impact.com


By allowing vendors to manage their program and scale all of their partnerships, from affiliates to influencers and mobile apps to publishers, Impact.com qualifies itself as one of the top affiliate networks in the industry.

The unique feature set allows you to protect your program from bad actors in addition to discovering affiliates and recruiting the ones that seem like the best matches. The partnership automation features take your affiliate marketing capabilities to the next level.

The best part about it is that you can try the tool out by requesting a demo on the website.

Building Profitable Campaigns with Anstrex

Affiliate networks and directories enable vendors to find affiliates, track progress, and manage payments. However, when it comes to building a winning campaign, vendors are left to their own devices.

The competition is cut-throat, and to allow your products to stand out in an ocean of similar options, vendors must now equip themselves with competitive intelligence.

Anstrex is a spy tool that enables you to look at data from all major ad networks and collect accurate data from all countries.


It boasts outstanding searching features and also offers a landing page tool. You can rip any landing page with the simple “Download and Deploy” option that appears under every landing page on Anstrex.


Users can then edit the page with the landing page editor under the “Webpage Downloader” option.


The campaign visualization features make gaining insights from the current state of your affiliate program easier.


To get more value out of your advertising spend and save time and money on research and building landing pages, Anstrex will be your best ally.

Conclusion: What Affiliate Network is Right for You?

While some affiliate networks are designed for SaaS tool marketing in specific, others also accept physical products. Also, some affiliate networks require you to pay a joining fee (like Awin), whereas others are completely free to join.

Some affiliate networks allow you to start using the platform immediately, while others verify your details over the course of five days.

Ultimately, your choice of affiliate network comes down to your needs and preferences. With the best options and their nuances highlighted above, finding the right network to sign up on should be easy.

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