Affiliate Marketing Technique: The Niche Focus Affiliate Marketing Technique: The Niche Focus


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When it comes to affiliate marketing, it is very tempting to chase what’s hot right now. There is always this next big thing that will make you instantly rich and will get you all set for life. But not all that glitters is gold, and these things usually fade as quickly as they come.

One thing many super affiliates don’t teach newbies in this industry is that if you want to last long in this business, you have to be an expert in just one thing. You have to focus all your energy, time, and money on this one thing if you really want to succeed in this business. And what is this one thing? It’s your niche!


A niche is a segment of the market that is highly targeted and focuses on a specific need or demographic. According to Shopify, a niche is a subset of an even bigger market.

There are multiple ways to segment a market. It could be by any of the following:

  • Demographic

This can be done by age group, gender, income, educational attainment. It can also be a combination of any of these divisions.

  • Price

This segmentation allows advertisers to target users based on the price point. This is why some companies offer different pricing levels for different services or products.

  • Product or Service Quality

This form of division can also be related to the price since the quality of the product or service is usually directly correlated with the price.

  • Geographic

Segmenting via geographic location is one of the most common forms of niche marketing. You can simply focus on the city, region, state, or country. Read our article on geo-centric affiliate marketing if you want to concentrate on this type.

  • Psychographics

This is one of the most utilized when it comes to market segmentation. Psychographics describes human traits that you want to target. It could be based on a person’s beliefs, lifestyle, personality, values, interests, and more.

Let us take for example the category Dating. There are two branches in the dating category, and these are adult dating and mainstream dating. Under Mainstream Dating, they have multiple subcategories as well, such as vegetarian dating, LGBT dating, Christian dating, and more.


Now that you know what a niche is, let us discuss the steps to becoming an expert in one niche.

1. Choose a Niche

This is actually an arbitrary step. You can choose a niche based on your previous experience in promoting one. You can choose based on your passion as well.

If you’re a member of only a handful of affiliate networks, start by looking into what offers they have available. This is the smartest way to choose a niche since you need to have access to offers you want to promote.

Log-in to your CPA network, then search for offers in the marketplace. Filter them by category and see which one displays more offers than others. Also, if it is possible, see how long each offer has been in the network. Some offers are fleeting; they will last for only a few weeks, even days. Others last for months or years.

You don’t actually have to promote the longest-running offer; you just need to get a sense of which niche has a longer lifespan than the rest. This means that the efforts you put forth in learning about the niche and planning its promotion won’t go to waste.

On the other hand, finding a niche that has the most offers means you’ll have a lot of offers to choose from. If one doesn’t convert well or if it’s turned off, you can simply find a different offer from the same niche. Again, this ensures that your efforts don’t go to waste.

2. Understand the Niche You Have Chosen

Let’s say you opted to promote Christian dating. How exactly do you do that? Will you simply create an ad that states Christian Dating? When bidding for keywords, would you only bid on the words “Christian” and “Christian Dating”? Of course not. This is such an unimaginative way to promote an offer, and a rather lousy one.

You would have to dig deeper than that in order to attract the right audience. You have to look into various angles.

  • Demographics

First off, find out the age of your target market. You can’t go broad and market to everyone! Offer descriptions can give you a clue on this as advertisers usually include information about the age of their audiences. Also, the gender you can target depends on the offer.

For example, if your niche is senior dating, find out what age is considered a senior. Does the offer mean people who are aged 50 and above? Or 60 and above?

  • Interests

Learn about your audience’s interests. What websites do they frequent? Who are the celebrities and influencers that they follow? What magazines do they subscribe to? What shows do they watch?

You can use the common interests of your audiences on your ad's headline to attract them to your landing page, and eventually, to your offer. Also, knowing what your audience is interested in can help you understand how your audience thinks.

  • Behavior

What drives your target market to buy something? What subscription or purchase do they deem worthwhile? The best way to understand your audience’s behavior is to dig through forums related to your niche. People like to share their experiences, especially with paid services and products.

While you’re at it, try to understand the price level that they are willing to spend for a specific service or product (especially that of the one you want to promote to them).

3. Research Your Competitors

This is the best way to know what kind of ads your audience responds to. Use a spy tool like Anstrex to see the creatives and landing pages that your competitors use to attract visitors.

In Anstrex, you can filter the resulting ads based on the traffic source, affiliate network, keywords, domain names, and so much more.

You can even download the creatives and rip the landing pages, reducing the amount of work you need to do.

4. Create Ads Based on What You’ve Learned

Now that you are armed with more information about your audience, you can now be more creative in attracting them. Think about how your competitors write their ads and you can start there.

Test the performance of ads and landing pages you create on your own as compared to the performance of ads you copied using the spy tool. Adjust and optimize until you find the perfect combination.

Final Thoughts on Niche Marketing

Remember, the Jack of All Trades masters none, but the niche marketer masters one. If you are an expert on one thing, you are sure to reap the rewards. Even if niche marketing is more laborious than chasing what’s currently trending, it has a higher probability of success.

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