10 Best link tracker software for Affiliates 10 Best link tracker software for Affiliates


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Did you know that over 84% of the publishers join affiliate marketing to increase their competitive advantage? In other words, regardless of what niche you pick, there will be a lot of competition for visitor's eyeballs.

This is when link tracking software comes in handy. It helps run promotions across several channels and identify the ones that are getting you a high return on investment.

Major advantages of link tracking software are:

  • It helps track your clicks and improve ROI
  • Build a sound marketing campaign
  • No more wondering about whether you're getting clicks
  • Stylize and shorten links

Overseeing an affiliate marketing campaign can seem like a tedious task. However, with link tracking software, you will be able to monitor the growth of your campaign more effectively and without much hassle.

Good trackers combined with the best affiliate network can make tracking easier and lead to satisfying results.

In this post, we review the top 10 best link tracker software and weigh out their pros and cons to help you find the right tool for your needs.

10 Best Link Tracker Software for Affiliates


ClickMagick is an industry-leading affiliate tracking software with robust and diverse features. It's a tool that tracks link traffic from clicks across several devices and advertisements from various platforms. In other words, every single click from all regions that enter your campaign or website is monitored by this tool.

In addition, the ClickMagick dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive enough for a beginner to pick up in a few minutes of use. Simultaneously, the new features like cross-device checking, mobile sales tracking, A/B testing, and Clickshield make it one of the industry's most impressive link tracking tools.


  • Tracking software is perfectly organized and easy to understand and navigate
  • You get real-time updates and notifications on your mobile device
  • It is compatible with Google Analytics and other SEO tools


  • To make the most out of this software, you need to be tech-savvy
  • Chat and customer support are not up to the mark

#2 Voluum


A powerful and dependable affiliate ads tracker, Voluum ranks among the market's top-tier ad tracking software. Being a complete ad tracking software, it allows users to monitor, manage and optimize their ad campaigns in one place.

Every experienced affiliate marketer must monitor all campaign parameters, such as referral links, operators, browser versions, offers, device models, etc.

With this tracker, you can seamlessly monitor organic and paid traffic, every click, conversion, and event. Simply put, you can make decisions depending on data and optimize your strategies to get a better return on investment.


  • It has a user-friendly software
  • You get Direct Tracking Pixel
  • Voluum offers tracking domains with SSL


  • Pricing may seem a bit expensive
  • Customer support could be better

#3 Binom


Binom is a premium tracking software renowned for smooth traffic distribution, monitoring, and managing affiliate operations without redirects. A self-hosted tracking platform, Binom is used by most professional affiliate marketers. You get detailed reports every hour regarding conversions and clicks.

One of the most prominent advantages of Binom is it offers remarkable traffic distribution to the user. Besides, its approach is so advanced that it provides facilities that most tracking tools wouldn't at this price.

This software also offers commendable customer support to the users. In addition, this tool provides detailed knowledge about campaigns and data regarding landing pages, click, and other facilities given to the users.


  • Get unlimited clicks and domains
  • A smart and multi-level filter system
  • Rotation of traffic distribution in any campaign


  • The interface could be better
  • It's a self-hosted tracker

#4 BeMob


BeMob stands among the most preferred ad tracking platforms in the market when it comes to helping digital advertisers to make ads that match their advertising goals. Founded in 2015, this ad tracking software manages ad campaigns across the best online traffic sources.

At the same time, BeMob is the most preferred choice for performance marketing because it has several traffic management parameters. Another significant aspect of this software that attracts users is its data security feature that prevents competitors from gaining knowledge on you.

Moreover, it cannot be denied that this software is available at some of the most affordable plans of any link tracking software and can solve different advertising problems.


  • It has to be configured at traffic sources templates
  • It comes with a 100% free basic plan
  • You get reliable customer support and resources


  • It is not compatible with phones
  • It does not come with any direct split testing tool

#5 RedTrack


RedTrack is an industry-leading cloud-based software known for its tracking and conversion aspects which helps media buyers and affiliate marketers to manage, monitor and optimize their ads on various channels. The software solution also helps in sharing data, team management, and collaborating with team members and customers.

Another benefit of using RedTrack is it automates routine reporting and media buying actions, plus it is fundamentally developed for media buyers, e-commerce players, ad agencies, and such. In affiliate marketing, you need user-friendly software that integrates with other tools you have been using all this time.


  • It is SaaS, Cloud, and Web-based
  • You get audience targeting features
  • External integrations and data visualization


  • Pricing plans are costly for beginners
  • Absence of multi-currency support

#6 ClickMeter


It's a powerful affiliate link and conversation tracking software that helps agencies, advertisers, publishers, and developers manage marketing links on a single platform. With this tracking software, you can post tracking links on forums and social networks, create campaigns and monitor performance utilizing real-time reporting modules.

It is an ideal web-based link affiliate tracking tool meant to assist medium to large organizations in affiliate marketing, tracking conversion rates, and preventing malicious clicks.

Furthermore, this tracking software is known to integrate with all popular advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Back page, Shopify, Rebrandly, and WordPress.


  • A fantastic tool to aid with improving digital brand image
  • You can easily measure conversion rates
  • Ideal for monitoring click frauds


  • There are too many additional fees
  • Tough to integrate into a web page

#7 Trackier


If you are searching for a trustworthy software solution ideal for affiliate marketing and performance tracking, consider Trackier. It is a highly customizable tracking software that can seamlessly monitor the performance of contained conversions and campaigns.

It mainly provides optimizable tools that facilitate smart linking ad network integration. Furthermore, users can view the live KPIs and automated reports, which can be customized to focus on conversion goals and competitors.

In addition to being highly customizable, the integrated API allows you to optimize the marketing experience for your business.


  • It's suitable for managing revenues and payouts
  • It has an excellent support team
  • User-friendly interface


  • The platform is a little steep in terms of pricing
  • It can be overwhelming for those who haven't started affiliate programming.

#8 Affise


Affise is an affiliate marketing platform renowned for helping advertisers, marketers, and agencies monitor and evaluating their web-based advertising campaigns. An admirable aspect of this software is that its user interface is highly intuitive. Likewise, creative payment, changes, payments, publishers, etc., are precisely at the perfect place where you need them to be for easy management.

A great feature of this platform is that it streamlines procedures and routines and reduces costs simultaneously. Also, it automates and centralizes workflows, thereby removing the requirement for several platforms and programs.

Likewise, the smart targeting feature helps integrate various segmentation factors like area, cities, postal divisions, and language in the campaigns.


  • Pixel and postback control
  • Custom report calculations
  • Event tracking and custom goals


  • Lack of depth in statistic reports
  • Poor bug support

#9 Trck.me


Trck.me guarantees smooth experiences in all channels and devices without any hindrances. When it comes to social media accounts, marketing campaigns, and affiliate links, this tracking tool evaluates the traffic source so that the user can save time and doesn't have to make a unique link for every marketing channel.

In this tracking platform, you can monitor customer journeys in every campaign link, study marketing metrics, and optimize URLs seamlessly. With this platform, you can monitor countless channel types in various verticals.

Also, you can manage all the links in the user-friendly control panel. Furthermore, get rid of silos and spreadsheets by developing an intuitive dashboard for the links you continue to use.


  • Clocks links for affiliate marketing
  • Allows tracking of social media reach
  • The auto-tagging feature simplifies tagging the traffic source


  • Expensive for what it is

#10 LinkTrackr


LinkTrackr is the go-to link tracking tool for affiliates in all kinds of niches. It helps in cloaking/creating, tracking, and split testing links simultaneously. On top of that, it comes with a suite of additional features to help businesses grow their reach steadily.

This mobile-friendly platform's design and easy-to-use interface allow users to track links seamlessly. Here you can quickly detect the source of your conversion by making campaigns to monitor banner ads, links on your website, and adding several other sources to view the direction of traffic.

With real-time data of visitors that comprise all necessary metrics, it helps you stay ahead of your competitors in the market.


  • Compatible with current Google Analytics
  • It can import affiliate commissions from third party networks
  • Users can export reports and other data to Excel


  • It doesn't have a live chat option
  • PPV traffic and bulk traffic is restricted

How Anstrex Can Make Your Ad Campaigns More Effective in No Time

Getting a reasonable return on investment on ad campaigns is one of the biggest challenges every marketer faces. However, using the right competitive intelligence tool can be a game-changer for marketers.

The idea with spying tools such as Anstrex is that get access to all of your competitor's data, from which you can gain insights and begin implementing the winning strategies on your ad campaigns.

You can use Anstrex to spy on competitors in the push ad, native ad, and also dropshipping space. It gathers data from over two dozen ad networks and makes it easy for users to sort and filter through.


Searching for the right ad through the huge pile is easy with simple sorting options, sliders, and the search option.


After you find an ad that is attracting a lot of clicks, you can click on it to reveal all of its relevant data.

Besides the historical ranking data along with other metrics, you will also be able to see what devices the ad works best on, what publishers the ad is using, and the ad networks the ad is working on. Anstrex also offers access to the geographical data of every ad campaign.


But one of the best things about Anstrex is that it also enables you to easily rip a landing page and deploy it on your AWS server. All you have to do is click on the "Download and Deploy" button under the landing page you like and then edit it under the "Webpage Downloader" section.


With this tool, you can replicate landing pages in a matter of seconds, saving lots of time and money that would go into building a similar landing page for your campaign.

Conclusion: Which Link Tracker Software is Best for You?

Affiliate marketing can be a profitable sales channel that you cannot choose to turn a blind eye to. Using the right tracking software is key to managing, monitoring, and optimizing marketing strategies to enjoy consistent benefits over time.

All the tools mentioned here bring something unique to the table. Since every marketer has different needs and preferences, claiming that one software is better than all others would be foolish.

With the tools reviewed in detail in this post and the pros and cons weighed out, narrowing down your options should be easy. You can then go ahead and pick a tool that feels right and try using it for a short period.

You can always switch to another tool if you find some features of the tool you initially picked annoying.

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