Who are Top Advertisers and Publishers on Newsmax Feed Network? Who are Top Advertisers and Publishers on Newsmax Feed Network?


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Newsmax feed network is a division of Newsmax which is a right wing news and media outlet. Newsmax was originally founded in 1998 and has between 250-500 employees as per data obtained from crunchbase.

Newsmax Feed Traffic Analytics

Presented below are some important statistics for Newsmax Feed native traffic. As you can see from the monthly volume charts, the network offers relatively small traffic volume when compared with likes of Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, Revcontent etc.The reason being that the traffic is primarily coming from US based conservative news and media sites which has limited reach. The upside is that you get a highly targeted traffic with very well known demographics and interests.

The global reach pie chart clearly shows that the traffic is mainly from the United States. Traffic from other countries is minuscule compared to US traffic.

The doughnut chart shows the traffic distribution between desktop and mobile devices and as expected three quarter of traffic is generated via mobile devices. This is a trend with most major native ad networks as mobile devices have clearly taken over desktop based PCs.

Newsmax Feed Advertisers and Publishers

As alluded to earlier, significant number of Newsmaxfeed publishers are conservative news outlets with primary traffic source being Newsmax itself. As an advertiser, you have a unique opportunity to target this demographic without doing any significant campaign optimization.

In addition, you can target by geo, device and specific publishers as well.

Considering the nature of the publishers, advertisers focused on products that appeal to conservative audience typically will do really well on this ad network. Also remember that huge majority of the audience is US based and if you are seeking audience from any other country besides the US, this network is not for you.

Here are the top advertisers and publishers on Newsmax Feed Network:

Top Newsmax Feed Network Publishers

Publisher NameCategoryTraffic
newsmax.comNews and Media40%
washingtontimes.comNews and Media11%
billoreilly.comNews and Media6.1%
americanthinker.comNews and Media5.7%
frontpagemag.comNews and Media4.3%
thegatewaypundit.comNews and Media3%
wattsupwiththat.comNews and Media2.1%
talkingpointsmemo.comNews and Media2%

Top Newsmax Feed Network Advertisers

Advertiser NameCategoryTraffic
theweeklyloop.comNews and Media10.5%

Newsmax Feed Network CPC Bids

The minimum cpc bids on Newsmax Feed is at $0.1 However, expect the bids to be in $0.1 to $0.5 per click to receive significant number of impressions.

Newsmax Feed Network Login: Newsmax Feed Network Login Page

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