The 5 Cs of Choosing a Hosting Service for Your Landing Pages The 5 Cs of Choosing a Hosting Service for Your Landing Pages


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When setting up various marketing campaigns for affiliate offers or your very own products, building landing pages as opposed to full websites is a more efficient way to go. After ripping landing pages from your competitors or building your pages from scratch using landing page builders, the next step is to find a good provider to host your landers.

Top Hosting Solutions Based on Their Best Characteristics

Figuring out where to host your landing pages can be simplified by using the 5 Cs of choosing a provider. The 5 Cs are Cloud Hosting Speed, Cost-efficiency, Convenience, Customer Support, and Customization. Below are the five hosting solutions that rank the best in each category.

Convenience – Bluehost

Preferred by many, Bluehost offers 24/7 tech support, which is obviously a convenience that most beginners would appreciate. Apart from that, they have a one-click option for installing and upgrading to whichever setup you would like for your landing pages. This makes it easy to continuously build your website without any significant downtime.

At a discounted rate of $2.95/month, Bluehost packs all the things you need in a provider. They also offer a 30-day trial so it’s a good place to start for beginner website builders. Bluehost also ranks well in terms of shared hosting, WordPress integration, and web management capabilities.

Cloud Hosting Speed – Amazon AWS

With the lowest price at $3.5/month for Linux and $8/month for Windows, it’s not the most ideal in terms of costs and also not the most convenient, but Amazon AWS has had the most commercial success across the board. AWS is deemed as the best in terms of cloud computing, and they offer a range of services that could match all your business needs.

This is the most recommended hosting provider by affiliates, so much that you can even integrate your AWS account to various affiliate marketing tools to easily publish your landing pages. If you use our platform to rip landing pages, you can quickly publish your edited lander to an S3 bucket. Here’s a guide on how to link your AWS account to Anstrex.

However, if you are a beginner or you own a small business, Amazon AWS would seem a bit expensive and a little overwhelming. If you try to browse through their website, you’d be a bit overwhelmed if you are still clueless on where to start. There are tons of guides out there regarding how to use AWS, so best pore over them before using Amazon’s service.

Cost-efficiency – Hostgator

Probably one of the best options for web hosting, Hostgator is highly accessible with a platform that is simple yet quite intuitive. It is also one of the best in terms of cost efficiency, as at $2.75 per month (with the cheapest “Hatchling” plan), it comes with a detailed and user-friendly interface and is highly scalable. Compared to AWS, the prices for both Linux and Windows are the same, which makes it a more versatile option especially for small businesses.

If you’re just starting out, Hostgator is a good choice as it comes with all the basics, though it does not come with email support. Tech support is through live chat or by phone, which could be a bit inconvenient if you prefer email.

If you’re promoting adult content, Hostgator is a good option as well.

Customer Support – SiteGround

Rated at 93% customer satisfaction, SiteGround is preferred by many due to the customer support it provides. As opposed to HostGator and Bluehost that only have phone and live chat support, SiteGround has both plus email support. Similar to Bluehost, their tech support is available any day/any time with their follow-the-sun support structure.

Even WordPress recognizes that SiteGround is good for landing pages, as it is one of WP’s recommended providers. SiteGround comes with full integration capabilities for WordPress, although it seems that it comes at a price considering SiteGround starts at $6.99 per month – almost double that of Hostgator, Bluehost, and Amazon AWS (for Linux).

Customization – DreamHost

Both SiteGround and DreamHost are recommended providers by WordPress, but Dreamhost takes the cake in terms of price and customization capabilities. Dreamhost comes in at $2.59 per month at its lowest tier, which is just a few cents lower than the other providers mentioned above.

Even at a low price, it boasts a reliable control panel that will allow you to customize your landing pages. Migrating your sites through Dreamhost would require you a few more steps than when you’re using SiteGround, but if you’re confident enough in your skills, it’s worth saving those extra bucks per month.

Thoughts on Using WordPress

If you would notice, many of the hosting solutions mentioned above are recommended for WordPress. However, many expert affiliates would argue that using WP for your landing pages is a bad idea.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use these providers to host your landing pages though. You would simply need to build your landing page elsewhere and use your hosting solution of choice to publish them. If you’ve decided to build one from scratch, check this guide on how to create the perfect landing page.

Start Sending Traffic to Your LPs Now

Overall, these five hosting service providers are the best ones out there (but in no particular order). Depending on your priorities, you’ll be safe to choose from any of these 5 to start hosting your landing pages.

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