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Beginner affiliate marketers often feel intimidated when they realize they need to build a landing page for their business. This is because they assume that to have a landing page, they need to create it from scratch.

The good news is, you don’t actually need to have that much knowledge about coding HTML or CSS or Javascript. In fact, you don’t need to know anything at all to prepare a fully functional landing page for your business! While there’s the option of paying someone to do it, you could also benefit from your competitors by ripping their landing page.

What does ripping a landing page mean?

Ripping a landing page means looking up your competitors and marketplace, usually with the aid of tools, to learn popular marketing creatives you could copy for your own business. Ripping landing pages thrives on the belief that if something is popular, then it obviously works.

Although it is possible to only direct link, you will definitely need a landing page to discover profitable campaigns. Ripping is the easiest way to go about obtaining a landing page, and it is often done with the aid of Competitive Intelligence Tools, also known as Spy Tools, like Anstrex.

These tools make it quite easy to spy on thousands of affiliate marketing campaigns and find landing pages that you could use as inspiration for your own campaigns.

Advantages of Landing Page Ripping

While a lot of people believe ripping landing pages is a bad idea, there are several benefits, and here’s some of them below:

1. Saves a lot of time and money

A lot goes into building a landing page from scratch. Apart from the coding, there are other factors you’d need to put in place to ensure its effectiveness, such as your call-to-action and page copy.

If you decide to learn how to code to build your landing pages from scratch, that could take time. If you do happen to know how to code, bear in mind that creating a successful landing page often requires lots of testing to ensure that the elements work well enough.

2. Less effort

All these take time, and no matter how skilled you may be, as an affiliate marketer, you’d have to be very quick in creating landing pages in order to meet up with executing the tasks needed to launch a campaign.

Speed matters even more because you want to stay ahead of the competition. Ripping landing pages gives you what you need for a successful campaign while saving you a lot of time, money, and energy.

Ripping landers within Anstrex is pretty easy, and can be done in the following steps:

  • Click on the ad text you are interested in.
  • Click on Download and Deploy
  • Check if the page shown in the link is the one you really want to download
  • Check the Webpage Downloader page to see if the download is complete.
  • Choose to either zip and download, or to edit. Anstrex has a WYSIWYG editor that you can use to easily make changes to the page. Pages downloaded using Anstrex are already cleaned of all links included in the original.

After making your changes and adding your affiliate links, you can then upload the page to your hosting and start running traffic to it.

3. Quickly shows you what works

It’s not unusual for beginners of affiliate marketing to be clueless about what works and what doesn’t when creating a marketing campaign. It’s worse when they have no prior knowledge of marketing.

Being an affiliate marketer means dealing with different types of offers, verticals, and paid traffic, which may require different approaches to be successful. Learning about what works for each offer, or paid traffic type, may be challenging and take up time.

But by duplicating what is already working for your competitors, you will learn the critical elements of a landing page that are important in acquiring a high conversion rate in a specific kind of offer. You not only learn what works but also faster.

4. Reduces your loss on Ads

Since you don’t have to start from scratch when you rip landing pages, you can avoid the trial and errors that come with creating a landing page.

You get to work with creatives that have already been tested and proven to work, so the losses you acquire are significantly reduced. And, reduced losses help you save more money, which is very healthy for business.

5. Helps you execute faster and find more profitable campaigns

Due to how relatively simple it is to copy working landing pages from competitors, starting campaigns are also less stressful and resource-consuming, meaning faster execution. With the landing page taken care of, you can direct most of your focus to find the right offer, source of traffic, or geographical area to base your promotion.

When you’re able to quickly and easily rip landing pages for any kind of offer, you get the chance to test various campaigns within a short period. And, the more campaigns you can test, the more profitable campaigns you can find. This ultimately results in more money.

How do you know which offers are profitable if you don’t see the actual results and revenue? There are actually a few signals which you can use to help you arrive at this conclusion.

For example, here in Anstrex, you can determine if an ad is running well based on three factors:

  • Ad Strength - an ad’s performance for the entire time it's been running. The higher the number, the better the performance. Some ads reach a rating in the millions. This signifies that the ad has been VERY effective.
  • Ad Gravity - an ad’s performance in the past few weeks. This is useful for seasonal offers. There’s a chance the ad strength for that ad is high because it was extremely successful for the previous season.
  • Days Running - this is pretty self-explanatory. If an ad has been running for at least two weeks, then it must be yielding good results for the advertiser.

Ready to Start Ripping?

Ripping landing pages comes with a lot of benefits irrespective of the negativities that people relate to it. If you want to run campaigns faster as an affiliate marketer, find more profitable campaigns, and make more money while saving a lot of resources, including time, then you should consider ripping landing pages.

Finding landing pages to copy from has already been made relatively easy with the help of spy tools, especially if you have no experience. With these, you don’t really need to put in much effort to achieve fully functional and effective landing pages for your business.

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