Announcing a Brand New Way To Filter Ad Campaigns Announcing a Brand New Way To Filter Ad Campaigns


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Are You Spying on Your Competitors' Ad Campaigns?

Our tool monitors thousands of native and push advertising campaigns.

Sometimes, all the data filtering and sorting options available at your fingertips fail to produce the desired results because the filters applied are too strict or too narrow. A typical example would be that you, as a user of Anstrex Platform, want to browse all the e-commerce related ad campaigns. If you were to rely solely on keyword search, there is no plausible way to encompass all the e-commerce campaigns with keyword search alone. Other filtering options would also not help much.

To overcome such obstacles, we have introduced a new Technology Filter for Anstrex Native Spy Tool.

We are now monitoring the web technologies used by all the landing pages by scanning and parsing the html code of each landing page and identifying various backend web technologies used by the site. These technologies will include web content management system, hosting technologies, tracking methods, third party advertising etc.

By looking at these technologies, we can clearly identify and segregate ad campaigns into various categories.

For example, we can now easily identify e-commerce campaigns by looking for various e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woo-commerce, Presto etc.

Here is a complete list of available technology filters at the time of writing this article.

  1. WooCommerce: This is the e-commerce platform with highest market share. It runs on Wordpress content management system.
  2. Shopify: The gold standard for e-commerce platform. It is a paid product and therefore has lower market share compared to WooCommerce.
  3. Magento: Open source e-commerce platform with lower market penetration compared to the above two.
  4. PrestaShop: Another open source e-commerce platform from EU.
  5. Volusion: A relatively new e-commerce platform with smaller market penetration.
  6. BigCommerce: Another paid e-commerce platform which is an alternative to Shopify.
  7. ClickFunnels: This is one of the most popular platform mostly used for lead generation.
  8. Wordpress: A content management system used by bloggers worldwide to create news and article based sites. These mostly rely on some kind ad arbitrage model for revenue generation where they buy cheaper clicks from native ad networks and generate CPM that yields positive ROI. This filter is ideal for content marketers.
  9. SearchAdsArbitrage: This is not a technology per se but a popular revenue/profit model for many native advertisers. These landing pages are able to obtain Google/Bing search ad feed and use high CPC keyword seeds on their site to display a page filled with only search ads. Since native ad clicks are available for pennies and search ads are typically sold at a significantly higher cost per click, there exists an arbitrage opportunities. This filter is for advertisers and marketers who want to focus on this type of business models and would like to find out what their competitors are doing in terms of target keywords and ad copy.
  10. AdsenseArbitrage: Many advertisers generate their ROI by advertising on various native ad networks which has lower Cost Per Click compared to Google/Adsense ads that they run on their site. These Google ads sell at a much higher CPC and hence we define such campaigns as AdsenseArbitrage.

As you can see this new filter can help a variety of marketers including store owners, content marketers, lead generators, and those involved in ad arbitrage.

Check it out and let us know what you think about it. We will be adding more technologies in the near future and if you have suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

You can find a more detailed article on how to use this filter on our knowledge base

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