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9 Ridiculous Stock Images That You Should Never Use For Native Advertising

If you don't want to be the laughing stock of the digital world, you should never use these images for your native advertising campaigns. Ever!

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Maximize your ROI in affiliate marketing in 5 steps

How to increase ROI is the question affiliate marketers often ask themselves and Google. But far not everyone finds the right answers. To provide you with qualitative and expert knowledge, we asked our colleges from RedTrack to share their experience and data.

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DSP for Native Advertising: Efficiently Manage Your Ads

DSP, short for Demand Side Platform, is a software that allows you to monitor and buy ad placements in real-time. Want to try it with native advertising? Here are your options.

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Announcing FTP Support For Landing Pages

Upload Landing Pages Made Easy

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most commonly used method for uploading content to hosting server (whether dedicated or shared). Today, we are happy to announce that FTP support has been added to deploy your landing pages and related content directly from Anstrex to your hosting account.

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Top Templates For Creating Viral Sites For Native Advertising

Check 'em Out

Creating viral sites for native advertising is all the rave today. You can easily earn big bucks if have the right tools, including website templates. Here's a list for you to choose from!

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Announcing Push Notifications Spy Tool

You asked, we listened.

We are today announcing launch of our new spy tool for push notification ads. This is a ground breaking product with extensive coverage spanning 15 push ad-networks and 92 countries and phenomenal features that no other tool in the market currently offers.

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Native Advertising vs Content Marketing

How Are They Different?

Native advertising and content marketing—you have probably heard both terms before or read them somewhere. These two terms have been popular in the internet world especially when it comes to promoting one’s products or services, but are sometimes erroneously interchanged. How are they different from each other?

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Native Advertising vs Display Advertising

What's the difference?

This article will help you differentiate two of the most common and effective types of ads: native advertising and display advertising. Let’s get started!

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Characteristics & Definitions of Native Advertising

A Breakdown

What exactly is native advertising? Here are a few native advertising definitions to help you understand more about this traffic source.

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Native Advertising 2019 and Beyond

An Infographic

Where is native advertising headed in 2019 and beyond? Check out our infograph.

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