The Ultimate TikTok Reposting Guide for Beginners The Ultimate TikTok Reposting Guide for Beginners


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TikTok is a popular social media platform that has revolutionized the way we consume short videos. It offers a virtual space where users can unleash their creativity by making and sharing 15-to-60 second clips. With its dynamic features and wide user base, TikTok has become a go-to platform for discovering entertaining and innovative content.

One of the key features that makes content sharing on TikTok so easy is the Repost button. This feature, introduced in May 2022, enables users to effortlessly share someone else's content with their own followers. It's a simple yet powerful way to engage with others, increase visibility, and foster a sense of community within the platform.

If you're familiar with Twitter, you may have already used the Retweet function to share tweets from other users. Similarly, reposting on TikTok works in a similar way - it allows you to amplify creative content and showcase the diverse talents within the community.

In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about using the Repost button effectively on TikTok. From understanding how it works to developing a strategic reposting approach, we've got you covered. We'll also discuss important ethical considerations surrounding reposting, such as giving credit to original creators and respecting their work.

By mastering the art of reposting, you can expand your reach on TikTok and connect with a wider audience. To further enhance your experience on this platform, tools like Anstrex can help you spy on top converting TikTok ad campaigns, allowing you to replicate their strategies and build a profitable business.

So let's jump right in and learn more about how to repost on TikTok effectively!

Section 1: How to Repost TikTok Videos

TikTok's Repost button, a beta feature that has transformed the way users share content on the platform, functions similar to retweeting on Twitter. It allows you to share videos from other creators with your followers, thereby increasing engagement and visibility. Understanding how to repost on TikTok can help you participate actively in the community, showcase diverse content, and connect with fellow users.

Accessing the Repost Button

To access the TikTok Repost button, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device.
  2. Browse your For You page or visit a profile to find a video you wish to repost.
  3. Tap the share icon, which looks like an arrow, located on the right side of the video.
  4. Look for the Repost button within the share options.

If you do not see the Repost button immediately, it may be because it is still in beta and not available to all users yet.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Effectively Repost Videos

Reposting a video on TikTok is straightforward once you've found the Repost button:

  1. Select the video you want to repost.
  2. Tap on the share icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. In the share menu, choose 'Repost'.
  4. You might want to add a comment or caption before sharing; this is your chance to tell your followers why you're sharing this particular video.
  5. Once ready, simply tap 'Post' to share with your followers.

It's important to note that when you repost a video, it doesn't appear directly in your profile grid but rather in your friends' For You feeds, which means it primarily targets your friends list for enhanced engagement among people who already follow you.

Additional Options or Settings

When using this feature, consider these additional aspects:

  • Your reposted video will include the original creator's username linked at the top.
  • You can only repost public videos; private videos are not available for this feature.
  • Once reposted, if you wish to undo this action, you can tap again on the share icon and select 'Remove repost'.
  • Keep in mind that frequent changes in what you choose to repost might confuse your audience and impact engagement negatively.

While exploring how to maximize brand exposure through different features such as TikTok In-Feed Ads, integrating a variety of content types including reposts can make for an engaging and dynamic presence on TikTok. By familiarizing yourself with how to repost on TikTok effectively, you enhance not just your own profile but also contribute positively towards supporting and amplifying others within this vibrant digital ecosystem.

Section 2: Enhancing Your Reposting Strategy

Knowing how to repost on TikTok is only the first step. The real magic lies in creating a reposting strategy that maximizes engagement and reach. Here are a few expert tips to help you achieve this:

1. Optimizing Captions for Reposted Content

Your caption plays an important role in attracting attention to your reposted content. Use clear, engaging language that relates to the video content and resonates with your target audience. Don't forget to incorporate relevant emojis and humor where appropriate to make your captions more appealing.

2. Leveraging Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly powerful on TikTok as they help broaden the reach of your content beyond your followers. When reposting videos, include trending or industry-specific hashtags in your captions. This can significantly increase the visibility of your reposted content.

Creating an ethical reposting strategy is equally important. When you repost someone's video, you're sharing their creative work with your audience. Hence, it's crucial to give proper credit to the original creators.

3. Giving Proper Credit

One way to give credit is by mentioning the original creator in your caption. For instance, you could write something like "Credit: @originalcreator". Alternatively, you could tag the original creator in the comments section of your repost.

If for any reason you need to undo a repost on TikTok, rest assured that it's a straightforward process. Simply navigate to the video on your profile, tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner of the post, and select "Delete".

Finding high-quality content to repost can also be challenging. Here are a couple of strategies that can help:

4. Following Niche-Specific Accounts

One of the best ways to discover engaging content on TikTok is by following accounts that are relevant to your niche. These accounts often post high-quality content that resonates with their audience, making them excellent candidates for reposting.

5. Utilizing Curated Playlists

TikTok's curated playlists feature can be a goldmine for finding content to repost. These playlists are collections of top-performing videos from various categories, and they're updated regularly to include the latest trending content.

Remember, the goal of your reposting strategy should be to provide value to your audience, encourage engagement, and foster a sense of community on TikTok. By following these tips, you can create a successful reposting strategy that respects original creators and contributes to the vibrant TikTok content ecosystem.

Section 3: Best Practices for Respecting Original Creators

TikTok, like all social media platforms, is a space where content ownership should be respected. It's essential to understand that when you repost a video, you're sharing someone else's creative output. This brings certain responsibilities, one of which is acknowledging the original creators and their work.

Understanding Content Ownership on TikTok

Content ownership refers to the rights held by the individual or entity that created the original video. On TikTok, when a user creates and posts a video, they automatically own the rights to that content. This means, even though TikTok allows for sharing and remixing through its various features like Duet or Stitch, respecting the original creator's rights is paramount.

When reposting, it's not just about sharing content you enjoy or find relevant to your audience; it's also about maintaining an ethical approach in doing so. Not only does this foster a positive culture within the TikTok community, but it also helps avoid potential copyright issues.

Giving Appropriate Credit When Reposting Videos

Here are some guidelines on how to properly credit original creators when reposting their videos:

  1. Attribution features: Utilize TikTok’s built-in attribution features whenever possible. These will automatically link back to the original video and credit the creator.
  2. Tagging: Include the creator’s username in your caption or comment on your reposted video. A simple "@username" can suffice as a form of credit.
  3. Explicit mention: If you're adding your own commentary or description in the caption, make sure to explicitly mention that the video is a repost from another user.

The Role of Hashtags in Crediting and Discoverability

Hashtags serve multiple purposes on TikTok:

  • Crediting: Including hashtags like #repost or #duet with @[creator’s username] can serve as another form of acknowledgment.
  • Discoverability: Hashtags are also key for making your reposted content discoverable. By using relevant and trending hashtags, you're increasing the chances of your video being found in search results or the "For You" page.

Always remember that reposting is more than just a quick tap on the share button. It’s about sharing great content while respecting and acknowledging the time, effort, and creativity invested by the original creators in their videos. By following these best practices for reposting on TikTok, you're contributing to a respectful and supportive community culture.


Make use of TikTok's sharing ecosystem by implementing the strategies mentioned above for effective and ethical reposting. You can increase your reach by using relevant TikTok hashtags and creating thoughtful captions for engaging content. It's important to remember that when you repost, you should always:

  1. Show appreciation and give credit to the original creators.
  2. Engage genuinely with creators' content to build meaningful connections.
  3. Contribute to the diverse range of content on TikTok by sharing valuable posts.

By following these guidelines, you contribute positively to the TikTok community and create opportunities for collaboration. So start creating your reposts today! Your next share could have a significant impact on TikTok users worldwide.

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