Comprehensive List of Push Advertising Networks To Promote Your… Comprehensive List of Push Advertising Networks To Promote Your Affiliate Offers (Part 1)


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Are You Spying on Your Competitors' Ad Campaigns?

Our tools monitor millions of native, push, pop, and TikTok advertising campaigns.

Push ads are very popular, and they are still continuing to grow despite some thinking that they have already reached their peak.

Experts predict that push ads will remain a top contender for ads well into 2023 and beyond. But what makes them so effective?

For starters, push ads offer a unique level of targeting that other ad formats can't match. Their ability to reach users on their mobile devices, even when not actively browsing, makes them an ideal way to stay top-of-mind with consumers.

Alternatively, you also have in-page push ads, which look like the classic push notification but with the added benefit of reaching iOS users.

So, if you're looking for a powerful way to boost your brand's visibility, it's time to hop on the push ad bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.

Push Ads Networks Should You Work With In 2023 and Beyond

Push notifications have taken the digital marketing world by storm, providing an effective way to grab the attention of your target audience. However, finding the perfect push ads network can pose a significant challenge.

As we navigate through 2023, partnering with a network that delivers high-quality traffic without sacrificing profitability or user engagement is more critical than ever. After all, the success of your advertising campaigns hinges on your choice of platform.

Fear not, dear advertisers, for there are plenty of top-notch push ads networks to choose from. Researching and partnering with one of these providers can boost your conversion rate and elevate your advertising game.

The choice of which to use depends on your needs and what the network can give you, so we’ll provide you with the necessary details to help you decide. We'll also provide a preview of push ads we've collected for the ad network we mention. Let's dive in!

1. RichAds

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

When it comes to affiliate networks that deliver results, RichAds ranks high on the list. With an impressive 5 billion daily impressions across 220 countries, this network is a force to be reckoned with.

RichAds is dedicated to providing premium sources right from the start in a sleek, new UI design. Affiliates can receive extensive support through personal account managers who offer insights, whitelists, custom creatives, and assistance in creating ad campaigns from scratch.

The success stories speak for themselves — the verticals that affiliates are currently crushing with RichPush include Crypto, Antiviruses, Betting, Dating, Gambling, Utilities, and Nutra.

For a $100 minimum deposit, you can unlock this network's potential and use it to your advantage!

With features like Target CPA and Automated rules, optimization has never been easier. Some advertisers even achieved up to 300% ROI.

Here are some examples of ads Anstrex has on this network:

2. PropellerAds

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

Looking for a powerful ad tech company that offers everything you need to create and optimize your campaigns? Look no further than Propeller Ads — one of the most popular ad networks for affiliates today.

With their easy-to-use full and self-serve platforms, you can quickly and easily create campaigns that target a worldwide audience of over one billion monthly audiences. Plus, you can rest assured that your ads are being shown only to real users, thanks to the platform’s built-in anti-fraud technology.

What’s more, Propeller Ads offers a range of attractive targeting options, including user activity targeting, geographical location, operating system, device and connection types, and more. With options like day partying and frequency capping, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns.

With both CPC and CPM pricing models available, Propeller Ads is the perfect choice for anyone looking to maximize their ROI. The minimum deposit is only $100.

Here are some examples of ads Anstrex has on this network:

3. AdMaven

Ad Formats: Classic Push (which AdMaven calls web push) and In-Page Push (which AdMaven calls floater ads)

For over a decade, AdMaven had established itself as a trusted name in the crowded ad network arena, specializing in Popunder traffic and then launching Push ads immediately when it became popular. With a staggering 2 billion daily impressions and a global reach, they work with publishers and advertisers to make advertising a seamless experience.

Their traffic may be just what you need to hit those elusive campaign conversion targets. AdMaven's publisher network consists of file-sharing, video streaming, and sports sites. This makes it an excellent choice for verticals like Sweepstakes, Betting, Coupons, Mobile Apps, Dating, Software, and Nutra. In particular, their platform has worked wonders in helping advertisers achieve success with Sweepstakes and Casino offers.

If you're seeking conversions, AdMaven's reputation for network performance is well-deserved and could be just what your next campaign needs. Starting with just $100 as a minimum deposit is easy, and you will have ample opportunity to expand your campaigns.

With a diverse range of tools and resources, including advanced reporting tools, API access, multiple targeting options, and account management on demand, you'll have everything you need to maximize your ROI.

Here are some examples of ads Anstrex has on this network:

4. AdCash

Ad Formats: In-Page Push

If you're looking for a network to help you easily optimize your ad campaigns, look no further than Adcash. With over a decade of experience, AdCash is a self-serve DSP that established itself as a leader in digital advertising, serving up to 200 million unique visits daily on its global network.

But it's not just their reach that makes them worth working with; AdCash offers a range of ad formats, including push notification ads, native ads, pop-ups, interstitials, and banners, all backed by advanced smart ad technology that ensures flawless execution and control.

And the best part? You get exclusive access to their optimization tools, guaranteeing maximum results for your push ad campaigns. With filters like GEOs, SSPs, User Interests (a unique option to this platform), Keywords, Website Categories, Connection Types, Zones, Carriers, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Adcash has one of the most extensive targeting options on the market.

And the best part? Setting up your campaign is as easy as ABC's. You could have your entire campaign up and running in under 3 minutes. In addition, Adcash's CPA bidding technology eliminates the need for manual bid adjustments or whitelisting and blacklisting traffic sources for advertisers.

For a self-managed platform, all it takes is $100 worth of deposit to start a campaign. Meanwhile, you will need a minimum of $1,000 if you choose the managed option.

Adcash makes it easy to get started, but they’re also known for their vigilance against ad fraud, saving over $11.8M in advertisers’ budgets utilizing their anti-fraud technology. With this kind of guarantee, you’ll feel secure working with AdCash.

5. EvaDav

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

What sets EvaDav apart from other networks? It's their focus on push notifications and native ads. They have mastered the art of delivering ads that feel less intrusive and more like personalized suggestions.

And if you're concerned about volume? Worry not. EvaDav has 10 billion push notification ads traffic – more than enough for even the largest scale campaigns. While most of this impressive number is concentrated in the US, RU, and IN, other GEOs (including Europe and China) are also available.

EvaDav's targeting options will make it easy for you to reach your desired audience. Their intelligent optimization features will make even the most stat-loving marketers jump for joy. Did we mention you can start with a $10 deposit? No wonder they're a go-to for many affiliate marketers – and might become your new favorite, too.

Here are some examples of ads Anstrex has on this network:

6. ZeroPark

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

Zeropark is the go-to network for many affiliate marketers. They are widely regarded for their proficiency in working with pop, in-app, and domain traffic, and now they have expanded their offerings to include push ads. All these ad formats they now call Legacy Ads. This means that no matter which type of campaign you are running, Zeropark has got you covered.

Plus, their platform is so intuitive that setting up your campaigns, honing your targeting options, tracking your conversions, and analyzing your stats are all effortlessly integrated into the process.

With a minimum deposit of $200, you can start running your campaigns and take advantage of over 4.5 million monthly clicks. However, some restrictions exist, such as no nudity allowed on creatives or pre-landers. But overall, the platform offers great tools and features to help you optimize your campaigns. Like any tool, its effectiveness ultimately depends on how well you use it.

Here are some examples of ads Anstrex has on this network:


Ad Formats: Classic Push

MGID is a well-established native ad network that serious affiliates swear by. Since its founding in 2004, MGID has consistently made a trustworthy track record with its effective targeting and impressive conversion rates.

Their unique push inventory is just one of the many tools in their arsenal, allowing you to reach users when it matters most – and across all their devices. Whether you're looking to promote Sweepstakes, Coupons, Dating Services, Gambling, or even Health and Beauty products, MGID is the network that can get you the desired results. And with their long-standing track record, you can trust that you're in good hands.

Of course, all this great service and results come at a cost, but with a minimum investment of just $100, you can benefit from global targeting options and a high volume of good-quality traffic.

8. Push.House

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

Push.House is a game-changing push ad network offering some of the industry's most powerful targeting options. Their self-serve push ad platform is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing, making it easy for users to navigate and get the most out of their campaigns.

With access to a global market of 14B daily impressions in over 180 countries daily, Push.House offers the perfect opportunity for businesses to tap into unique visitors and improve the return on investment for Push and In-Page Push ads. Many targeting options are available such as countries, cities, devices, browser language, dayparting, subscription age, OS version, ad limit, audience, type IP, type subscription ID list, ID, site ID list, IP list, and even retargeting.

With their CPC pricing models and various URL macros, you'll have all the tools to identify the most lucrative traffic sources. Plus, with an option for advertising adult-related content to 18+ users only and the network's in-built feeds, it's never been this easy to narrow down your traffic sources.

When it comes to funding your account, the options are plentiful, whether it's through credit cards, Capitalist, USDT, Bitcoin, Paypal, WebMoney, or Paxum. The best part? For $50, you can start your campaign! And if you need help, the expert and knowledgeable support team is there for you.

All things considered, Push.House is the way for a seamless and secure push advertising experience. Here's an example of ads we've collected for this network:

9. Adsterra

Ad Formats: In-Page Push

Since 2013, Adsterra has revolutionized the digital advertising industry with its smart and flexible network. With over 30 billion monthly ad impressions worldwide and 18,000+ Direct Publishers, Adsterra offers a fast start and intuitive setup for your ad campaigns. The company's transparent and loyal moderation and complex multistep system are designed to protect you from inappropriate traffic.

But the benefits don't stop there. Adsterra offers multiple ad formats, including Direct Link, Banners, Native Ads, Popunders, Vast (video), Social Bar, Interstitials, and of course, In-Page Push.

Their top-performing categories include Dating, Gaming, Utilities, E-Commerce, Gambling, Binary & Crypto, Sweepstakes, Pin Submits, and Sports Betting. They sure know how to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends.

With various bidding options — CPM, CPA and CPC — they have something for everyone. But not just their diverse pricing options make them stand out. They also have a strict policy against malvertising, meaning you can trust their platform to be free from malware, redirects, unsolicited downloads, and alerts.

Whether you're a newbie affiliate, agency, or well-established corporation, Adsterra is the digital advertising network to elevate your ad game with innovative solutions.

Here are examples of ads we've spied on this network:

10. TrafficStars

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

TrafficStars offers over 5 billion daily impressions from exclusive publishers worldwide. Advertisers have their pick of Members Area, RON, and Prime traffic sources, allowing them to bid on the highest-quality traffic. You can create campaigns using the classic or in-page push ad format and target your audience at a granular level for as low as $0.001 per click.

Additionally, advanced targeting and scheduling options allow you to have control throughout the process. There are 35 categories available for adults and five categories for mainstream. And if you're looking for even more control, you can select individual pubs and ad spots for your campaigns.

This platform can also be used to great effect in various verticals. Whether you're targeting audiences interested in Adult, News, Dating, Streaming, Cam, Manga/Anime, Games, or Media, TrafficStars has got you covered.

TrafficStars’ Artificial Neural Network algorithm handles the heavy lifting of optimization, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

There's no need to worry if you encounter any problems during the process, as the support team is reachable via Skype. They are experienced and committed to helping with a friendly approach.

The funding requirement is at least $100 for Paypal, Paxum, Cosmopay, and ePayService. For larger transfers, the minimum value is $500 for SEPA and International WIRE transfers.

Some ads we have for this network are as follows:

11. TwinRed

Ad Formats: Classic Push

As a popular self-serve ad network, TwinRed is widely known for its adult traffic. The company rebranded from DoublePimp, coinciding with the launch of some exciting new tools. Despite these changes, affiliates can expect the same high level of service and performance they’ve come to rely on. Plus, the eagerly awaited Push notification ad format is now available.

Despite these changes, affiliates can expect the same high level of service and performance they’ve come to rely on. Plus, the eagerly awaited Push notification ad format is now available. Until a complete upgrade is done, advertisers can only create Push ad campaigns in some situations.

But it’s well worth the wait. TwinRed is renowned for its high-converting verticals, including Games, Cam, VOD, and Dating. Plus, you can use the push ad format with multiple price models to see how it compares to your previous campaigns using the pop ads format. Remember that the ad format is currently only available on select networks.

Getting started is very easy. Simply deposit a minimum value of $100 via Paxum to fund your account. With Skype assistance, they will help you manage and track your campaigns like a pro. You can relax because the knowledgeable TwinRed team can assist you.

Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser or just dipping your toes in self-serve ad networks for the first time, TwinRed is a platform that delivers results.

12. HilltopAds

Ad Formats: In-Page Push

Here's why HilltopAds is worth considering: First and foremost, they ensure the authenticity of their traffic. Its advanced in-house and third-party fraud filtering tools work relentlessly to scan all incoming traffic, shielding you from bots, viruses, and malware.

Additionally, their platform is designed with user convenience in mind. The easy-to-navigate self-service interface ensures quick campaign approval and launch.

The network has observed that App Installs, Sweeps, Software & Utilities, Pin Submits, Browser Extensions, Cams, and Dating are the verticals that generate the highest conversion rates with their traffic. It would be advisable to focus on these verticals to increase the likelihood of turning your traffic into profit.

With minimum funding of $50, anyone can get started in a jiffy. Here are some push ads we’ve collected from Hilltop Ads:

13. Mobidea Push

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

When it comes to comprehensive affiliate marketing platforms, Mobidea Push stands as a multifaceted solution that caters to all your requirements. The standout feature of this platform is the convenience it offers — with a single account, you can select your offers, launch ad campaigns, and receive payments. All these functions are accessible through an intuitive interface, specifically crafted to meet affiliates' needs.

Additionally, the platform provides robust targeting options, enabling you to accurately reach the right audience for your offers. Whether your targeting parameters are based on location, network type, carrier, device, or operating system, Mobidea Push simplifies the process, ensuring precision targeting becomes a breeze.

It boasts of partnerships with over 45 exclusive traffic suppliers and serves more than one billion daily users, demonstrating its vast scale and potential reach.

With a minimum deposit of just $50, it opens doors for both newbies to super affiliates to take advantage of its services.

14. BidVertiser

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

BidVertiser is a self-serve advertising platform with several ad formats including Push Ads. And with over 78K publishers and 450M daily ad impressions in 196 countries, you can rest assured that your ads will reach a broad audience.

There are over 27 billion daily ad impressions with push ads alone, so there is no shortage of traffic. Whether targeting desktop or mobile users, BidVertiser's powerful targeting capabilities will help you maximize your impact.

You can bid on CPC traffic for as low as $0.001 per click for classic push and $0.00005 for in-page push, with a minimum daily budget of $5. To top it all off, if you’ve got $100 in your pocket, you can start running ads.

Adding your creatives, landing pages, and tracking is effortless on the platform. You can easily create your first campaign in just a few minutes and begin taking steps toward tapping into a highly-targeted audience.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve collected of Bidvertiser ads:

15. ClickAdilla

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

ClickAdilla provides high-quality adult and mainstream traffic, with over 65 million users in 240 countries for push notification ads and three billion daily impressions combined for in-page push and iOS push.

Before you start your campaign, you can use their traffic volume estimator tool to see how many clicks and impressions each location has had over the past week.

Want to know which verticals work best with ClickAdilla? Look no further than Dating, Downloads, Nutra, E-Commerce, Sweepstakes, Gambling and Games.

With fast and easy integration with third-party services like Redtrack, Voluum, Bemob, Binom, and Keitaro, you can easily track the success of your campaigns with the help of customizable tokens.

And with deposits starting at just $50, you can take advantage of a range of payment methods to settle your tab in your preferred currency, including BitCoin, Credit Card, Wire, Paxum, and more.

Want to see what others are promoting in ClickAdilla? Here are some:

16. MyBid

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

MyBid, the advertising platform launched in 2020, has gained popularity due to its innovative approach — it offers fully-managed advertising. It helps affiliates save money on management fees and is becoming a preferred option for businesses to optimize their advertising budget.

It offers a low deposit of $100 and requires manual funding by reaching out to your account manager. The platform is accessible and affordable, making it an attractive choice for advertisers of all sizes.

The network boasts of having more than 10 million clicks a month, and is said to be a great choice for Utilities, Nutra, Dating, Gambling, Crypto, Loans, and Cam offers.

With MyBid, advertisers can count on a high level of engagement at a reasonable price, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

17. RollerAds

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

RollerAds is an advertising network that uses push notifications to reach a large audience worldwide. It has advanced technology to improve your advertising campaigns and achieve better results.

With its dynamic SmartCPC and CPC pricing models and an impressive traffic volume of over 1.2 billion daily impressions from more than 10,000 direct publishers, RollerAds provides advertisers with a powerful platform to reach their target audience.

Once you're up and running, real-time stats are available to help you hone in on where your conversions are coming from. With decent conversion tracking, you can easily see which zones perform best with your offers. Additionally, its robust conversion tracking capabilities help advertisers gain valuable insights into which zones perform best with their offers.

Ready to get started? Just deposit a minimum amount of $50 via Crypto, WebMoney, credit card, Paxum, and Payoneer and you can get on your merry way.

18. Clickadu

Ad Formats: Classic Push and In-Page Push

Clickadu is an experienced player in the digital advertising industry and excels at utilizing Push Ad and InPage Push Ad formats to engage audiences in both adult and mainstream categories. However, what distinguishes them from others?

Clickadu boasts an impressive one billion daily ad impressions for classic push and in-page push ads alone, making it the go-to choice for many marketers.

But that's not all. Unlike other ad networks, Clickadu's pricing models are available across most ad formats, including Push Ads. Whether you prefer CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, or SmartCPA, you can rest easy knowing that Clickadu has your back.

But what about payment options? Fear not, as this platform accepts various methods, including Bank Card (Visa, Mastercard), Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Paxum, and PayPal. And with a minimum deposit amount of just $100, anyone can get started and see the benefits of a fully managed campaign.

Some examples of Clickadu ads are as follows:

But wait… there’s more!

We've navigated through the first 18 push advertising networks, each with its unique attributes and benefits, catering to the diverse needs of advertisers looking to use push ads.

But rest assured, our journey through the expansive world of push advertising networks is far from over. In fact, consider this as just the opening act. Our next article will introduce you to another set of 18 networks, broadening your horizon in this fascinating advertising landscape.

So, hold onto your seats and stay connected for the next part of our exploration. The world of push advertising networks still has a lot more to offer, and we're excited to uncover these gems with you in our upcoming post.

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