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Native advertising is everywhere on the internet nowadays. You’ve probably seen a couple even if you don't realize it! It has become so common that today, native ads are hard to tell apart from non-ads. But what exactly is native advertising, what works this 2021? Well, let's break things down...

Native Advertising Definition: What It’s All About

A good way to define native advertising is the use of adverts that blend in with the usual look, feel, and function of the platform in which they are shown. You would often come across native ads as suggested content on a web page.

Since native ads look just like part of the usual editorials on the page, they don’t really stand out as ads which is the whole point behind this advertising method. This way, viewers get exposed to ads without having their experience on the web page disrupted, thereby reducing the chances of ad fatigue developing and increasing their willingness to engage.

However, as effective as native advertising could be, its success still depends on several factors – more on the marketers and less on the advertising method itself. While there are standard guidelines one could follow to successfully market with native ads, sometimes the effectiveness of techniques varies with time.

So, what works in 2021?

Native Advertising Examples

Here are some very successful ads in 2021 that we could learn a thing or two from.

  • Amazon – Philips OneBlade

Amazon is known to create some pretty good ads that easily grab the attention of its viewers and move them to act quickly. This particular recent ad for the Philips OneBlade appears to be doing quite well for a number of reasons.

Philips is a well-known health technology company that aims to make life better and easier for everyone with its useful innovations, and this is most likely one of the reasons this product is gaining a lot of attention.

The OneBlade makes it possible to shape, trim and shave with just one blade and very easily too. This useful innovation coupled with the angle of the advertising really gives it a boost.

The advertisers know that people who shave do so to look good for a variety of reasons. Going on dates or hoping to impress someone being some of the most common ones. By letting people know instantly what they can achieve by using the product, targeting a goal common to most people, it becomes quite easy to gain viewers’ attention.

Although useful innovations easily sell, the manner at which it is presented to the public plays a huge role in its marketing success. For instance, a couple of different ads with different advertising messages were created for this same product, but this one appears to be performing best. And I think it is obvious why.

Apart from the angle and product itself, there is also a special offer. Special offers always create pressure and a sense of urgency. This, as a result, leads to more exposure to the product and brand.

The landing page connected to this ad features a video demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of the product which also plays a huge role in driving prospects all the way down to the bottom of the sales funnel.

  • Computeroids Driver Updater

The driver updater by Computeroids is software created for the purpose of automatically updating driver updates of PCs. It is important that PC drivers are kept up to date to ensure the smooth and normal running of the system.

While there are several automatic driver updates out there, who wouldn’t want not just the best one, but also the most recent?

This is the approach Computeroids took in their native ad and it appears to work excellently, seeing as their Ad Gravity is almost 79 thousand! Knowing how important driver update software is and also how dangerous scammy software can be, users need to feel confident and assured that the software they are downloading really does what it says it does.

Portraying your product as the best not only eases the mind of users but also makes your product appear trustworthy. When backed with a solid and convincing landing page, it’s easy to attract ad viewers to check the offer out for themselves. Computeroids incorporated all this in their native marketing and it turned out successful.

  • Pouch

Shopping online has become a norm in these present times. Everyone shops online every now and then. As a way of attracting buyers, e-commerce platforms usually present discounts in form of deals and coupons to encourage and persuade users to make the purchase.

Online shoppers often have to manually search out these codes when they need them, especially when they aren’t subscribed to newsletters to keep up to date with different offers. Even when they do receive information on discount offers, it’s quite easy to forget.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are programs available to help you search for all available coupons on your item and automatically apply them to save you loads of money.

The Pouch tool offers one such program in the form of a browser extension to be used to find coupons on a variety of shopping sites.

Pouch took a rather interesting approach in their native advertising. Although they offer their services on several other e-commerce platforms, they focused their ad on eBay. Why? Because eBay is an extremely popular e-commerce platform and is likely to be used by a very large number of internet users.

It is also possible that the advertiser is targeting viewers based on keywords; for instance, a user who has accessed eBay or if the webpage they are visiting discusses eBay at some point, they will see the ad.

By letting the ad viewers know that a tool could be of help to them when using a platform they very likely engage with, they are more inclined to click and want to find out more. The best part about this ad is how it also makes use of curiosity to lure viewers to the landing page. The ad gives its viewers a useful tip but then doesn’t give out the most important information so people are forced to find out for themselves.

This native ad approach using curiosity works best when the landing page contains convincing information, if not, visitors will bounce back and the great ad will end up not so great. The content provided on the Pouch landing page also doesn’t fail to deliver. It gives visitors detailed information to quench their curiosity and at the same time bring the product to good light.

  • is an internet marketing company whose aim is to connect consumers interested in sponsored products, listings, and service providers to awesome products and services.

The website is currently servicing many of the most prominent display markets we have today and specializes in various niches, healthcare being one of them. This native ad on cosmetic treatments was created to promote sponsored cosmetic treatment businesses dealing in Juvederm and Botox.

Since specializes in internet marketing, it’s no surprise that many of their ads perform well. This native ad comparing Juvederm with Botox will easily capture the attention of those interested in cosmetics because the angle which the ad took makes the consumers know that they are going to get useful information and solution to an important question.

The ad title compares two similar treatment options common in the cosmetic world and gives viewers the impression that when they click on the ad, they would learn the right choice they should make.

Even consumers who may have already made up their minds on the best cosmetic treatment option for them prior to viewing this ad will still be pushed to see if they could learn something new and most importantly, to verify their choice. It’s a very good approach to take when you’re an affiliate marketer for similar products and services.

The great native ad of course directs users to a well-composed and structured landing page, giving users just what they expected – information and advice. The chances of readers going on to check out the cosmetic doctors advertised on the page becomes higher because they will already feel like they are being properly led by the advertisers. Great copywriting builds readers’ trust and confidence in your offer.

  • Plarium

Plarium specializes in creating online games for everyone to play, and I think we can all agree this is a great game ad. When it comes to games, the importance of graphics cannot be overemphasized.

Sometimes boring games sell just because they have really good graphics, and the most interesting games may not sell so well if the graphics are terrible.

The advertisers know this, and that’s why they focused on the game’s graphics in their native ad. They did so using very simple and relatable terms. The term beautiful here simply equates to excellent graphics in the game world and what gamer wouldn’t want to try out a cool game with good graphics? The title may seem a bit exaggerated, but it only gives consumers the impression that the game has to really look great.

The picture used in the native ad gives a clear representation of what they can expect, which is a game with clean graphics. The landing page also features an animated background from the game to give visitors a small feel of the game’s world, along with a free download. Game consumers wouldn’t hesitate to check it out.

  • G-shock

G-shock is a popular wristwatch company known for its sophisticated and innovative designs. This native ad features a headline focusing on important features of G-shock watches which are durability and sophisticated designs.

Anyone who sees this ad will instantly get the impression that if they click the ad, they will learn about a product that will not only look super great but will also last for a very long time.

Accompanying a well-written headline is a good picture that represents the company well and lets viewers know what they can expect.

In this kind of ad angle, the picture used has a pretty significant role to play, because it is the first impression viewers will get.

If the wristwatch displayed in the ad doesn’t capture the viewer’s attention or seem sophisticated enough to them, chances are they will perceive the ad caption as deceitful and move on.

You can also say that the reputation of this company aided the success of this ad as a good number of people are already familiar with the nature of G-shock watches.


Native advertising still works in 2021, and probably will continue to do so for many years to come. What works depends on the company or offer in question, along with several other factors such as season, location, ad network, and so on.

However, irrespective of the product niche, your native ad should always be relatable to your target audience.

You would notice that the ads performing well in 2021 that have been listed above are all connected to really good landing pages.

It’s possible your native ads are well written and structured but your marketing campaign still heads for the gutters, because even after getting the attention of viewers with an interesting native ad, you’ll need to seal the deal with a good landing page as well or else visitors will keep bouncing off.

This is why I previously said that the success of native advertising depends more on the marketers than on the method itself. With the above examples, you should learn a thing or two about what works now in native advertising and make use of the helpful tips to create a great native ad for your business.

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