Top 36 Native Advertising Platforms From Around The World Top 36 Native Advertising Platforms From Around The World


Their Specialties, Niches, Geos and More

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With the pandemic happening right now, more people are consuming content than ever before. Content recommendation engines that have seen a recent spike in traffic provide an opportunity for advertisers to reach out and connect with potential customers who will be looking up information on their phones or laptops while at work or home.

This is what makes Native Advertising so appealing: it's customizable enough to match your brand needs without being invasive like banner ads; plus, there's no risk of causing accidental ad blindness as you might see from other online advertising methods!

So without further ado, here are the...

36 Native Advertising Platforms Available Today

These platforms have been listed alphabetically with no weight placed on preference. Some are more popular than others, but they each have something unique to offer advertisers in need.

1. AdNow

Adnow is one of the world's fastest-growing advertising platforms. With their Open RTB technology, they can deliver ads to 114 countries and 980 million unique visitors. They have 6 billion monthly impressions and accept payments through PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, and wire transfers.

You don't need to possess any technical knowledge or experience to get started with Adnow native ads. All you have to do is sign up for an account and deposit $20 into your account balance. Then just choose how much you want your ads shown each day and start sending traffic to your offers.

Anstrex covers this network.

AdNow native ad example:

2. Adblade

Adblade is an innovative content-style ad platform that enables advertisers to deliver ads to over 300 million monthly unique users with the help of hundreds of top branded sites, with the complete assurance of brand safety. Adblade's native advertisements are currently focusing on users from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

This ad network offers a winning combination of proprietary and patented ad units that are in demand by major brands that are looking for their next big marketing campaign. Their uniquely positioned publishers allow AdBlade ads on prominent web pages. Their unique features like instant targeting capabilities or proprietary units called NewsBullets make it easy to deliver relevant messages without needlessly overwhelming visitors.

Anstrex covers this network.

Adblade native ad example:

3. AdCash

AdCash is a multi-ad format advertising network, which of course, includes native ads in their arsenal.

They have over 200 million different visitors per day, delivering an average of a quarter of a million conversions for their advertisers. This traffic is a combination of exclusive publishers and supply partners. One great feature of Adcash native ads is that it uses an anti-fraud technology that saved advertisers more than $12M in 2020 alone!

The minimum funding to get started at Adcash starts from €100 or £100, depending on your location. They can accept payments by PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney & credit cards. Advertisers will find it easy to start advertising through this network because setting up an account takes less than 5 minutes.

4. Adskeeper

AdsKeeper is a fast-growing advertising company that adjusts its native ads to the needs of advertisers. Since the network had been established in 2013, it has partnered with more than 3,000 publishers to help advertisers reach engaged audiences by tailoring content recommendations based on previous interactions.

Self-service options or fully managed campaigns available to choose from. Adskeeper Native Ads offers small businesses who are just getting started to advertise and more experienced companies looking for professional assistance with online marketing strategies to do the same. In fact, this incredible platform delivers 5 billion ad recommendations daily!

Anstrex covers this network.

AdsKeeper native ad example:

5. AdupTech

AdUpTech works with solid partners, so advertisers can benefit from the network's inventory of direct collaborations and programmatic ad space - giving them a flexible option for tapping into traffic sources in today's dynamic marketplace.

They offer two advertising options: ARA and AdUp CPC Ads.

ARA stands for AdUp Regio Ads and is a tool that combines all the advertising expertise in 4 simple steps. This is perfect if you want to advertise locally, as everyone can achieve precisely the exposure they deserve with this!

The next option AdupTech Native Advertisements have available is CPC ads through their Native Tool. The network connects campaigns with best-matching publishers using machine learning, so the advertiser's bids are optimized according to your target CPOs - it's like having an expert on hand 24/7 without paying for one!

Anstrex covers this network.

AdupTech native ad example:

6. Colombia

With this native ads network, you get maximum reach to find and engage the right audience. And when your perfect target has slipped away, Colombia's intelligent targeting tools will help you reconnect quickly to remarket your offer.

The network has partnered with more than 80 premium publishers globally, which leads them to deliver over 15 billion personalized ad recommendations in a month. Colombia native ads also have more than seven thousand audience buckets, so you can narrow down your targeting to a precise audience.

Anstrex covers this network.

Colombia native ad example:

7. is a network of premium publishers, which lets it offer the best native ads and content recommendations that promote purchase intent. The company has more than 66 thousand publishers in its database. native ads are contextually relevant and provide a seamless experience for users on premium content sites. The company also offers a global campaign management platform to help advertisers maximize their reach across borders.

Anstrex covers this network. native ad example:

8. Dianomi

Dianomi is a global team dedicated to helping both premium brands and publishers with innovative websites engage their audiences. They serve more than 10.4 billion ads each month, allowing their advertisers to reach more than 438 million audiences worldwide.

Dianomi network excels in finance and business categories, having more than 250 publishers under this category. This is, according to them, the most extensive collection any native network has. Furthermore, the majority of this company's audience is affluent, with readers' average annual income falling over $100,000.

Anstrex covers this network.

Dianomi native ad example:

9. EngageYa

Established in 2012, EngageYa is an online marketing company specialized in creating high-quality native ads. They are trusted by big brands such as Microsoft, Unilever, Mastercard and have more than 1000 customers worldwide.

This network serves over 40 billion ad impressions each month across its network of more than 900 publishers available for purchase on a CPM basis or through direct deals with advertisers.

EngageYa offers one of the most comprehensive selections when it comes to niches, making them perfect for both niche audiences as well as large ones. This includes categories like entertainment, finance and business, beauty & fashion, lifestyle and parenting, among others.

Anstrex covers this network.

EngageYa native ad example:

10. EvaDav

Evadav is an advertising network that opened its doors in 2018. They are the first advertising network that displays ads alongside videos. With more than a thousand publishers sending ten million impressions on a day-to-day basis, they have a vast reach to offer advertisers.

They have traffic for virtually any marketable location worldwide, so you won't worry about reaching a specific demographic. You can also try the other ad formats they have on the platform: pops, push, and in-page push.

11. Google Ads

Google's native advertising is one of the hugest and most popular native ad traffic platforms in the world. Their reach is enormous, and the number of publishers they work with is endless- more than a million! You can choose from hundreds of different ad formats, targeting people on mobile devices or those who live in certain countries.

As you very well know, their reach is rather tremendous, making it one of the best native ad networks alive today. But that additionally means the competition is fierce, and bid prices can go very high for quality placements.

Anstrex covers this network.

Google Ads native ad example:

12. Jubna

Jubna is a native advertising platform that started out as a network that focuses on the MENA region. To the uninitiated, MENA is short for the Middle East and North Africa. They opened up their platform in 2014 and have since expanded to include other locations, such as Asia.

They have more than a thousand publishers that display 25 billion ad recommendations that lead to 200 million clicks monthly. With a deposit of $100, advertisers can get started with Jubna's traffic platform and build up their online business.

Anstrex covers this network.

Jubna native ad example:

13. LockerDome

LockerDome is a company that's taking the pains out of data analytics with its in-house AI, Neo. The software was built by LockerDome's own team and features machine learning to process billions of points at lightning speed so advertisers and analysts can focus on what really needs a human touch.

This platform is trusted by several big names, including, Unilever, P&G, Lumosity, Kohler, and more. However, they are keeping a laser focus on United States alone.

Anstrex covers this network.

LockerDome Native Ad Example:

14. Logly Lift

Logly is the first native ad company based in Japan that specializes in the science of storytelling. They take data and turn it into beautiful visuals, telling your brand's story through rich illustrations or interactive features. Logly makes their ads as readable for humans as possible to ensure maximum engagement with readers.

Their monthly traffic inventory is estimated to be at around the 30 billion mark, coming from their exclusive Japan-centric publishers.

Anstrex covers this network.

Logly Native Ad Example:

15. MSN

MSN is a platform that specializes in strong branded content. The company supports hundreds of thousands of publisher websites with monetization opportunities for advertisers and publishers alike.

Now under Microsoft Audience Network, their native ads come in three forms: image ad, text ad, and product ad.

Anstrex covers this network.

MSN Native Ad Example:

16. MGID

MGID's native advertising platform facilitates the connection between global audiences and top-tier publishers. The network has a proven track record of success, with over 850 million monthly users, 32 thousand content sites that generate a whopping 185 billion content recommendations per month.

Not only is the traffic worldwide, but the ad network also supports more than 70 languages. Finally, being the only native advertising network to feature a full suite of custom ad formats, MGID is able to offer advertisers and publishers alike the widest range of opportunities.

MGID's list of niche interests include:

- Real Estate

- Automotive

- Finance

- Healthcare

- Technology

- Entertainment (movies, TV shows)

- Lifestyle (Food & Drink)

Anstrex covers this network.

MGID Native Ad Example:


Native Ads DSP is a powerful self-serve platform that enables advertisers to create, manage and target native ad units on leading publisher sites.

To help advertisers find the right audience, NativeAds allows you to target and segment users based on categories, such as e-Commerce, Business and Finance.

18. Nativo

Nativo is a demand-side platform (DSP) and supply-side platform (SSP) for mobile ads with deep OS-level targeting. The company specializes in Native Advertising, Mobile Display Ads, Retargeting, and Programmatic Video Monetization.

Nativo's holistic approach uses contextual, geo-location, and device-type info to create an optimized campaign for digital environments without the need for cookies.

With more than a decade in the game and having over 220 million unique users, Nativo is a great place to promote affiliate offers and your own products.

19. NewsMax Feed Network

NewsMax Feed Network is a news aggregation site that provides digital content for advertisers to promote in Bulgaria.

The service initially specialized in politics-related ads with more than 250 million monthly views. Newsmax also offers opportunities for brands to sponsor specific articles or modules on the homepage, as well as display advertisements.

Although the network's main traffic source is NewsMax, the company now has a host of other publishers; more than 2,500, in fact. With this, they've been able to boost their traffic volume to a billion impressions per month spanning over 200 countries.

Anstrex covers this network.

NewsMax Native Ad Example:

20. Outbrain

Outbrain belongs up there among the best native advertising networks that specialize in content discovery. The company's popular service, Outbrain Amplify, enables advertisers to promote their content by recommending it on sites across the web. It offers a self-service platform that enables advertisers to reach out to specific audiences across their network.

This company has partnerships with thousands of publishers, allowing them to deliver 344 billion ad recommendations per month. They can reach almost 60 countries around the world.

Their biggest partners include CNN, BBC, and The Washington Post; advertisers can be confident that their ads will be displayed not just in high-traffic publisher sites but also in well-known ones.

Anstrex covers this network.

Outbrain Native Ad Example:

21. Plista

The Plista native ad platform helps advertisers drive measurable results by delivering personalized native advertising to their target audience. As a result, advertisers targeting German-speaking countries are able to increase brand awareness and generate more conversions than standard banners can offer.

They also provide data-driven insights on user behavior that help marketers optimize the performance of their campaigns by providing them with the best targeting options possible for any budget range or industry they choose. Some of their premium publishers include Babbel, InnoGames, and CleverFit.

Plista offers a variety of different ad formats to help marketers reach their target audience. These include Full-Screen Ads, Image Ads, Video Ads, Page Takeover ads (a takeover that covers the web page with an advertiser's full-screen banner), Scrolling Boxes, and more.

Anstrex covers this network.

Plista Native Ad Example:

22. PopIn

PopIn is another native advertising network that narrows down into the Japanese audience. Established in 2008, the company collaborates with the local academe by partnering with the University of Tokyo. Although the company merged with Baidu in 2015, it still operates independently.

PopIn Discovery is their native advertising platform that has partnered with almost 900 media publishers in Japan, allowing them to deliver more than seven billion ad impressions per month.

Anstrex covers this network.

PopIn Native Ad Example:

23. PostQuare

If your goal is to advertise to the MENA region, then PostQuare is another one of your options. The company is headquartered in UAE and was founded in 2014.

PostQuare offers exposure that is both inexpensive and cost-effective, focusing on contextual relevance to ensure engagement. Advertisers pay only for performance with the platform's $50/day budgets at a cost-per-click bidding model.

Anstrex covers this network.

PostQuare Native Ad Example:

24. PowerInbox (now Jeeng)

Recently rebranded to Jeeng, PowerInbox's ad platform allows you to target and advertise to a high-quality audience of over 150 million users.

PowerInbox offers integrated targeting, detailed reporting, campaign optimization, and native advertising for brands looking to gain exposure in the United States and other English-speaking countries such as Canada, UK, Australia, and more. The company offers full management of marketing campaigns.

Anstrex covers this network.

Jeeng Native Ad Example:

25. PropellerAds

A well-known ad network in the media buying industry, PropellerAds is a multi-ad type platform that reaches about 40 million people on native interstitials on a monthly basis. It has been in the industry for more than ten years and has partnered with several top companies in the affiliate marketing industry.

Propeller Ads gives its advertisers full control over their marketing campaigns by providing an easy-to-use dashboard that even complete newbies can utilize. A sleek and intuitive campaign builder helps you get a handle on target selection, ad placement, scheduling, and budgeting in just a few simple steps.

26. is a service that allows clients to buy or sell traffic through our vigorous, live bidding system that guarantees the best price you can find. The network lets you promote full content pieces or native-style display ads, which are a good way to attract quality, top-of-funnel engagement.

27. Revcontent

Another famous native ad platform, Revcontent is a content distribution network that claims to change the game with its next-generation specialization in user engagement.

The network delivers more than 400 billion monthly content impressions, and as a result, has become one of the most beloved native ad networks in existence.

Anstrex covers this network.

Revcontent Native Ad Example:

28. RUNative

RuNative is a native ad platform that is run by an international, multicultural group of people. They have headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and Cyprus. Their completely independent campaign management system allows advertisers complete freedom over managing, creating, and optimizing all of their marketing efforts.

Anstrex covers this network.

RUNative Native Ad Example:

29. Speakol

Speakol is a social media marketing company that specializes in native advertising. They offer custom social and content solutions for each client to help them achieve their goals, with the main focus on engagement-driven campaigns.

The company delivers more than a billion impressions per month, coming from almost 300 websites that focus on the MENA region.

Anstrex covers this network.

Speakol Native Ad Example:

30. Spoutable

Spoutable is undoubtedly the most heard-of native ads provider out there, even if it is not the biggest. The network works with some of the world's biggest companies too, including, Chicago Tribune, and Verizon.

One of their biggest features is Nitro. NITRO ads are single-brand takeover items that fit seamlessly into the page to make your marketing campaigns more efficient.

Anstrex covers this network.

Spoutable Native Ad Example:

31. Taboola

Taboola's success has been founded on the principle of providing content to those who are looking for it. Through their 10,000 strong network of publishers, Taboola serves 1 billion monthly users with information and entertainment they want in a format that fits them best.

Taboola is an interesting company thanks to being one of the pioneers in online discovery services as well as having such an expansive reach through its vast library of websites. The company's best-known partner publications include Bloomberg, CBS News, NBC, MSN and Business Insider.

Anstrex covers this network.

Taboola Native Ad Example:

32. TripleLift

TripleLift is a company that has been recognized by the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for three consecutive years, 2017 to 2019.

Included among some acclaimed publishers like USA Today and The Telegraph are Triplelift's publishing partners such as MSN, Time Magazine, and Forbes, which have made them one of today's top native ad companies.

33. Twiago

If German markets are your target demographic, then Twiago is the native ad company for you. This company was found in Cologne in 2013 and continues to provide quality traffic coming from almost a thousand premium and standard publishers combined. They deliver ads to more than 69 million unique users.

A few Twiago publishing partners include Finanztreff, MADSACK Mediengruppe, and General-Anzeiger.

Anstrex covers this network.

Twiago Native Ad Example:

34. Yahoo! Gemini (now Verizon Media)

Yahoo! Gemini (now Verizon) is a native advertising company that delivers ads through mobile and desktop devices. They provide an abundance of options to advertisers, such as multi-touch attribution modeling, audience segmentation models, and more.

This platform has over 190 million monthly active users on their Yahoo properties alone in the United States. Worldwide, the platform holds an astounding one billion active users per month and can deliver up to two billion ads per day.

Anstrex covers this network.

Yahoo Native Ad Example:

35. Yengo

Yengo is a native advertising company that specializes in Southeast Asian traffic. They provide advertisers with unique and effective ways to reach their audience, including data-driven targeting options such as geo-location and time of day filters.

This platform has around 210 million monthly active users and has more than 130 thousand users -- publishers and advertisers combined.

Anstrex covers this network.

Yengo Native Ad Example:

36. Zergnet

Zergnet is a native advertising company that specializes in content-only recommendations. They help publishers grow their audience by sending free traffic, with a caveat that the publisher must have engaging content that encourages users to read more.

Anstrex covers this network.

Zergnet Native Ad Example:

Table of Complete Native Advertising Platforms

Final Thoughts on Native Advertising Platforms

And that's it for this list of native advertising platforms! We hope you've enjoyed reading about these 36 companies and what they specialize in. Some of these companies specialize in content-only recommendations, while others are focused solely on one niche or another.

We've given you a pretty good overview of what native advertising is and why so many people are using it these days. Was this helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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